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Phone It's easy to get cable. Call 1-866-921-5828

Why Cable TV in Hot Springs, AR

The team here at loves cable TV service in Hot Springs. Here are some reasons why we think you will too. Cable service is reliable; cable doesn't drop out in bad weather. And the hundreds of HD channels are available whenever it's convenient for you thanks to On Demand. It's easier to install, particularly in homes with more than one television. Several providers offer specials like free equipment and convenient bundles with high-speed Internet and digital cable for a smaller fee each month. Plus cable is:




Cable TV offersmore HD choices

Snow may mess up satellite, but itdoesn't faze cable

Cable can beinstalled virtually anywhere

How Hot Springs Watches TV

At we know a lot about TV use in America, and how that applies to Hot Springs, AR. A third of Americans own at least four televisions, 50% of us stream TV content online, and 97% of people still watch TV the old fashioned way; during primetime. Almost three-quarters of U.S. residents with cable bundle their TV service with high-speed Internet. For Hot Springs's population of 38,625, that's equal to:

  • 12,746 with a glut of televisions
  • 18,540 streaming shows
  • 27,810 viewers with cable bundles
  • 32,059 people with evenings free enough to watch TV as it happens.

Hot Springs Cable Internet

If you're interested in why Hot Springs residents are combining their cable TV and Internet, you're not alone. The team at asked the same questions. Here's what we found. 12,360 Hot Springs residents subscribe to cable broadband, which is about 32% of the city population. With speeds around 5-10 Mbps, cable TV is 2-7 Mbps faster than the median national download speed. Bundling cables services also saves subscribers roughly $400 a year.

Phone It's easy to get cable, Call 1-866-921-5828

Which Actors Are From Hot Springs, AR

At we know a lot of information about cable TV and Internet in Hot Springs, including which TV actors born right here. You may know Trish Stewart from a role on "Salvage 1," but did you also know that Trish was born here in 1946? It's true. Before debuting in 1973, Stewart called Hot Springs, AR home.

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