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Author: Janette Forsythe

DIRECTV vs. Optimum

At a Glance Type of Service Satellite Cable Channel Count 315 channels/200 HD 620 channels/165 HD Price $50–$125 $64.95–$109.95 Equipment Fees Included (Genie DVR and up to three additional receivers) $10/month Installation Fee No Yes Contract 2 years None Customer Satisfaction 3.63/5 3.26/5 Packages View DIRECTV Plans View Optimum Plans Data effective 2/8/17. Pricing and speeds are subject to change. Not all offers are available in all areas.  You know what you want—great, reliable TV with plenty of choice and flexibility at an affordable price. The hard part is figuring out which provider can deliver on those expectations. That’s...

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The 5 Best TV Mounts on the Market

If you’re currently shopping for a new TV, or you’ve just bought one and you’re wondering what kind of wall mount will be best, this post is for you. We looked at dozens of TV mounts designed to hold anything from computer screens to widescreen 4K smart TVs, and came up with a list of five TV mounts worth your consideration. All of these mounts were rated highly by customers on Amazon and are well-priced for what they offer. But before we delve into the best options for a TV mount, here are a few things worth considering when...

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Frustrated with Data Caps? Find Out Which Providers Limit Your Data and Why

By 2020, it’s estimated that the top 15 percent of Internet users will consume 1,000 Gbps of data per month. That’s a lot of data, and as Americans transform into a connected society with smart homes, constant video watching, peer-to-peer file sharing, and numerous wireless devices per person, those data needs will only increase. To rein in potential issues associated with high usage, some Internet Service Providers (ISPs) choose to limit — or cap — the amount of data each customer can use. For those unsure about their own data usage trends, and for users hoping to find a provider...

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The Ultimate Showdown: Time Warner Cable vs. Verizon Fios TV

With so many TV service provider options, it can be difficult to know which is the best TV provider for your needs. provides you with a side-by-side comparison of two popular TV companies—Time Warner Cable and Verizon—to aid in your decision making process. Should you choose Time Warner Cable or Verizon Fios as your TV service provider? Time Warner Cable (TWC) delivers its service through traditional cable. The company recently merged with Charter Communications, which serves customers in forty-one states. Though TWC didn’t fare too well compared to other providers in our early 2016 Provider Customer Satisfaction Survey,...

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Charter Spectrum vs. Verizon Fios TV

SHOULD YOU CHOOSE CHARTER SPECTRUM OR VERIZON FIOS AS YOUR TV SERVICE PROVIDER? If you’re in the market for pay-TV services, then you’ve probably heard about Verizon Fios TV and Charter Spectrum TV. While both providers do offer similar services, there’s quite a bit of difference between the two. And we here at CableTV want to help you pick the one that’s best for your viewing needs. The “Fios” portion of Verizon Fios TV is short for “Fiber Optic Service,” as the service runs through fiber-optic cables. Charter Spectrum, on the other hand, offers traditional cable services that run...

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