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TV As Low As $49.99 For 12 months

  • Over 80 Digital Channels
  • DVR Lets You Pause, Rewind, Skip Commercials, Whenever You Want

Internet Starting At $39.99 For 12 months

  • Blazing Speeds up to 105 Mbps
  • Free Constant Guard (Includes Norton Security Suite) a $360 Value

XFINITY from Comcast is not available in all areas. Please call for details.

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Get Better Rates with XFINITY Packages

Get the most competitive rates on the market with bundles, like XFINITY's Triple Play and Double Play packages. With XFINITY bundles you can customize all of your technology needs in one low-cost monthly bill. Just select two or three quality home services and you'll get great rates because you're bundling them together. Choose from 100% digital TV, XFINITY High-Speed Internet, and Digital Voice home phone service.

XFINITY High-Speed Internet and Digital Voice

XFINITY High-Speed Internet from Comcast offers competitive rates and lots of options. Get speeds up to 105 Mbps along with 7 e-mail accounts and free security software to keep your files safe. XFINITY's Digital Voice packages include unlimited nationwide calling, online access to voicemail, and caller ID on your TV when you combine your phone service with XFINITY TV service. Get the best monthly rates on the market by combining all of your services into one convenient monthly bill.

Get More Variety for Less Cash

With as many as 270 all digital channels at a lower cost than satellite TV, XFINITY rates are the best on the market. You get a wide variety of programming to meet your personal preferences. With sports programming, movies, specialty programming, concerts, family programs, and more, there's something to suit everyone in your family. Plus, you'll never miss your favorite programs again with an XFINITY DVR. With a digital video recorder, you can record your favorite programs, rewind, pause, and play live TV. It will change the way you watch TV for good. XFINITY also gives you 100 HD channels and thousands of HD movies and programs On Demand. That is a lot more than satellite television providers offer.

See Better Quality Digital Programming

Getting the best rates for your channel packages is important, and you will find the best rates when you sign up for XFINITY from Comcast. With XFINITY cable, you have lots of advantages over other TV service providers. XFINITY HD service gives you the crystal clear picture you want from HD television. You can choose your package online or over the phone. XFINITY offers digital TV at great rates that pay off throughout the year. Rain or shine, your XFINITY service will work great with no worry about cleaning snow off a dish or getting no satellite service in a bad storm. With XFINITY, you're sure to have the services you need when you need them.

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