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TV As Low As $49.99 For 12 months

  • Over 80 Digital Channels
  • DVR Lets You Pause, Rewind, Skip Commercials, Whenever You Want

Internet Starting At $39.99 For 12 months

  • Blazing Speeds up to 105 Mbps
  • Free Constant Guard (Includes Norton Security Suite) a $360 Value

XFINITY from Comcast is not available in all areas. Please call for details.

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XFINITY Special Deals Save You Money

Are you thinking of changing your current TV service provider? XFINITY has special deals for both new and existing customers. Experience the best in digital cable, High-Speed Internet and digital phone service with an affordable bundle package. There may be other types of specials available too. The easiest way to see what deals are available to you right now is to call an XFINITY representative today.

Save Big with Bundled Packages

The easiest way for you to save on XFINITY TV service from Comcast is to take advantage of available bundle packages. XFINITY packages feature crystal clear digital cable, blazing fast high-speed Internet, and reliable home phone service. You can choose any two services and get a price break with an XFINITY Double Play, but if you really want to get the most for your money, take advantage of all three services with an XFINITY Triple Play. Bundle packages make it easy to get more while spending less.

Other Types of XFINITY Specials

  • DVR - A DVR or HD DVR will let you watch all your favorite shows whenever you want to. Record live television with the touch of a button or set up the recording to catch an entire season. An XFINITY DVR lets you store up to 90 hours of recorded programming.
  • Faster Internet Speeds - While your basic High-Speed Internet access is already blazing fast, you may be able to make it even faster upgrading to XFINITY Blast!® from Comcast. Find out what speeds are available and what deals there are on these incredible Internet speeds.
  • Popular Calling Features - XFINITY Voice service deals include 12 popular calling features that make communicating easier, including 3-Way calling, call return, call waiting, and call forwarding.
  • Internet Security Suite ? XFINITY High-Speed Internet deals include a comprehensive security suite to protect your computer and information from malware, viruses and hackers. This suite is a $160 value and can be included free of charge with many bundled packages.

Call Today to Find Special Deals Available Now

Remember, XFINITY deals you see online may only be available in specific locations or at specific prices, but you can easily find out which ones are currently running in your area by calling a representative at 1-866-928-9135. Let them know where you live and ask what kind of special deals they have for you.

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