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Home Phone Services Compared

We've made it quick and easy for you to choose a home phone service-just check out the chart below to see a side-by-side comparison and find the best provider in your area.

  • Cable
  • Fiber Optic
  • Satellite
  • Providers
  • Comcast, Charter, Time Warner, Cox
  • Multiple Service Providers
  • Multiple Service Providers
  • Price
  • Starting at $10/mo.

  • Starting at $25/mo.

  • Starting at $25/mo.

  • Availability
  • Available with Bundles
  • Coming Soon
  • Coming Soon
  • Range
  • Most Offer Local & Nationwide Calling
  • Most Offer Local & Nationwide Calling
  • Local & Nationwide

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The Perks of Affordable Home Phone Service

Having a home phone line is a great option for saving your cell phone minutes, monitoring kids' phone time, and getting help in case of an emergency. So, you need a home phone service that is clear and reliable. You also need unlimited nationwide calling. And if you bundle your home phone service with cable and Internet, you'll get more features for less:

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