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“12 Monkeys” with Aaron Stanford and Amanda Schull Comes to Syfy

12-Monkeys “12 Monkeys” is a new series coming to the Syfy Network early next year. Based on the 1995 flick of the same name, “12 Monkeys” is a time-travel drama, starring Aaron Stanford and Amanda Schull. The series follows a time traveler (Stanford) as he arrives from the post-apocalyptic future and attempts to prevent a deadly virus from destroying the human race. During NBC’s Upfront presentation in New York City, CableTV caught up with Stanford and his co-star, Amanda Schull, who dished on their excitement for the new series and revealed what fans can expect. “I’m excited,” Schull told CableTV. “We don’t start filming until August and every single day I wake up I’m like, ‘Is it August yet?’ I’m really looking forward to jumping in.” As with any TV series that is based on a film, there is certainly an added pressure for the “12 Monkeys” cast when it comes to living up to the fans’ expectations. “There’s definitely pressure and you worry about reception because people hold the film very dear,” Stanford said. “It’s very precious to a lot of people so we tried to really, really respect the original film and stay in the spirit of the film but we did not try to remake the film. We tried to make it our own and the bones of the story are the same and we spun it off into our own direction and we’re hoping people will dig it. I think the kind of people who loved the movie are the kind of people that will love the show.” However, just because the series is based on the film, which starred Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt, doesn’t mean the cast is trying to copy its predecessor. Instead, they are focused on expanding the story and building upon the groundwork that has already been established. “Basically, the film is a closed loop and, like a lot of films, is closer to a short story,” he explained. “With the series, what you can do in 13 episodes or more is really tell a novel-sized story. We kind of blew it open. We added a lot of new elements. We brought in some new characters and we changed some things to really stretch out that story.” According to Schull, fans have plenty to look forward to when their show premieres, and she and Stanford couldn’t be more thrilled to share the production with fans. “Every single story that I heard and every single story line that I heard about I got excited about,” Schull told us. “There are just so many twists and so many turns and opportunities for people to become hooked all over again with every single episode.” “I’m a huge science fiction dork and this show has post-apocalypse, time travel, pandemics, it has everything so I’m excited for people to see all of it,” Stanford added. “12 Monkeys” is expected to premiere on Syfy in January 2015.
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