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3 Agencies Pushing The Envelope and Turning Advertisements into Entertainment

Big Spaceship Tech companies and ad agencies are unveiling a slew of innovations that are changing the way we experience entertainment and receive marketing messages. And they’re doing it with unheard of speed. New types of content delivery systems, fresh opportunities to interact with our beloved Hollywood stars and dynamic digital campaigns are just a few ways entertainment and marketing are being transformed from passive experiences into wholly engaging ones. Let’s take a look at a handful of ambitious companies that are leading the revolution, and learn what makes them tick. 1. Big Spaceship When Big Spaceship claims it’s a “different” kind of ad agency, it’s not overstating the fact. Its digital campaigns are gathering a huge following and winning the most prestigious awards. Brooklyn-based Big Spaceship creates buzz-worthy campaigns for some of the world’s top brands, including Fiji Water, HP, and Crayola. In fact, its Voyeur Project, a website created for HBO that shows what’s going on in 12 virtual New York City apartments, drew 12 million viewers. Fueled by the mantra “your brand is the sum of its interactions,” Big Spaceship believes a brand isn’t what a company says it is; it’s what it is in the consumer’s mind. To help businesses create the ultimate interactive consumer experience, Big Spaceship takes a fresh, unique approach to collaboration. So innovative, that the “Harvard Business Review” published a lengthy case study on the company’s work environment. A rigid hierarchy is frowned upon, and an interdisciplinary work environment is promoted. Team members sit together by project, not department, and each discipline is involved in the creative process from start to finish. Agile, autonomous teams equate to better products and enhanced results, and that’s what’s putting Big Spaceship on the map. Take a peek at Big Spaceship’s addictive work. 2. Campfire Appropriately named, Campfire is all about storytelling. Developing communal experiences is one of storytelling’s most important components, and the Campfire crew knows how to do it. Unlike other agencies that focus on one outlet and exploit it, Campfire is dedicated to telling stories across multiple channels to create, launch and manage brands. The brains behind the buzz of “The Blair Witch Project,” Campfire’s niche is creating stories that are not only entertaining, but are happening. These stories are seemingly impromptu, genuine, random and unpredictable, and draw viewers in unheard of numbers. Campfire’s exclusive approach taps into the power of engagement to shape conversations that deepen engagement, and ultimately drive sales. For example, New York City based Campfire developed a home-makeover show that featured tech savvy Verizon professionals helping suburban homeowners understand all the benefits of getting wired for digital. As a follow-up, it coordinated block parties in areas where FiOS was rolling out. And when Audi released the A3, Campfire devised “The Art of the Heist,” a brilliant, immersive, alternate reality experience that capitalized on its target market’s web compulsion. Here are more examples of Campfire’s blazing creativity. 3. 42Entertainment 42 Entertainment is blurring the line between entertainment and marketing, and successfully staying one step ahead of today’s savvy consumer who has developed an indifference to traditional marketing ploys.  And it’s producing some of the most talked about work. Consider the Ford Fusion project, “Random Acts of Fusion” which proves a car isn’t just a car, it’s an experience. Launched when Ryan Seacrest shipped rival Joel McHale 100 of the new vehicles, it wasn’t long before people were talking and even interacting with the Fusion, months before it hit dealerships. Using star-studding talent, comedic content, scavenger hunts, and special events that reached 75 cities, more than 17 million people engaged in the participation-based social experience. Believing the world is one big stage, 42 Entertainment’s team members thrive on innovation and creating immersive entertainment that engages people on a number of planes. Simply put, 42 Entertainment is a standout in a cluttered industry because it does things others aren’t enough brave enough to consider. Getting today’s consumer to care about a brand is trickier than ever. Yet by breaking all the boundaries, merging entertainment with message and fundamentally changing the way we interact with media, these exciting companies prove it can be done.  

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Emiah has always been intrigued by the cable TV industry. She is consistently questioning how certain shows become pop culture phenomenons while others unceremoniously fail. Emiah has a deep appreciation for Andy Cohen and The Real Housewives franchise.

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