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3 Fall Sitcoms Fans of “How I Met your Mother” Will Love

Andrew Zelda

When news started trickling in about the fall sitcoms that we have to look forward to, some “How I Met Your Mother” fans were probably shocked that CBS passed on the show’s spinoff.

Others were likely relieved to learn that they don’t have to fret over the fate of the father in “How I Met Your Dad,” and there were probably even some fans enjoying a little Schadenfreude after learning about the spinoff’s failure to launch – you just know that some members of the Cristin Milioti fan club feel like Carter Bays and Craig Thomas deserve to suffer for what they did to the mother. However, even the fans who still get angry and upset thinking about that ending can’t deny that they still miss Ted and the gang just a little.

Luckily, fans of love that’s meant to be and the city might find a new show to fill the void left by “How I Met Your Mother” soon. Here’s a look at the fall sitcoms that will dull the pain of saying goodbye to cockamice, slap bets, and Barney’s legendary conquests.

1. “A to Z

Thursdays, 9 p.m. on NBC

A few new TV romantic comedies are giving viewers what they want from the start: cute couples and meet cutes. Maybe we should blame “How I Met Your Mother” for these shows that introduce us to the end game (or the “Aunt Robin”) in the first episode.

This one should top “HIMYM” fans’ lists of must-see fall TV because it actually brings the mother back to life. Cristin Milioti stars as control freak lawyer Zelda (New Robin), and Ben Feldman plays internet dating company employee Andrew (New Ted). Andrew is the hopeless romantic looking for “the one,” and Zelda is a commitment-phobe (seeing any “HIMYM” similarities here?). The trailer features Zelda wearing a very Ted-esque costume to a themed cocktail party, so she’s definitely not all Robin – it’s hard to imagine Scherbatsky dressing up like Lady Justice. The cute-but-corny costume would have worked so well with Ted’s worn-out hanging chad outfit (I think I just got some dust in my eye).

Don’t worry about Ben Feldman playing a rom-com lead after creeping everyone out as neurotic nipple-gifter Ginsberg on “Mad Men” – he cleans up very nicely and is absolutely adorkable as Andrew.

The trailer also features a famous narrator (Katey Sagal); Andrew has a friend who is a big fan of pick-up lines; and Andrew scares Zelda away by talking about having kids during their first date. There’s also lots of talk about destiny, so how much more “HIMYM” can “A to Z” get?

2. “Manhattan Love Story

Tuesdays, 8:30 p.m. on ABC

If you miss the NYC setting and the gangs inner monologues on “HIMYM,” then this might be the show for you. It “exposes the differences between men and women through the unfiltered thoughts, and often contradictory actions, of a new couple who have just begun dating.”

In the trailer, we’re introduced to Peter (Jake McDorman), a guy whose inner thoughts about women are very Barney-esque. However, he has a little more self control and doesn’t hit on every woman that he’s attracted to.

Dana (Analeigh Tipton) looks a bit like Lily, and she shares Lily Pad’s love of accessories. However, her weakness is purses, not shoes. Dana and Peter go on an awkward first date that includes crying (there’s a lot of crying in the trailer), armpit smelling, and chest gazing. The characters seem a little one-note right now, but give the show a chance – just look at how much everyone evolved over the course of nine seasons on “How I Met Your Mother.” It also might be a good idea for “Manhattan Love Story” to cut back on the excessive voiceovers.

3. “Weird Loners

Midseason on FOX

This is a midseason series about a group of singletons living in the same Queens townhouse. They’re all unlucky in love, but a few of them don’t seem to mind the fact that they’re over 30 and haven’t settled down.

I always thought that Barney should have ended up with his former stripper fiancée Quinn, so it’s nice to see Becki Newton returning to the small screen. Carter Bays and Craig Thomas actually gave Becki her own series last year, but no one wanted to play “The Goodwin Games.”

In “Weird Loners,” Becki’s character Caryn is described as being “love-crazed,” so this is another series that’s probably going to take us on plenty of dating adventures. Caryn’s romance obsession obviously makes her a female Ted. The show also features “Happy Endings” hottie Zachary Knighton as Stosh (ugh, that name) as a “serial seducer” whose longest relationship was just a couple of hours long. And Bingo! We have our Barney.

Stosh moves in with his cousin, a “sweet, odd man-child” named Eric (Nate Torrence) who just might be our new Marshmallow Eriksen. Eric brings Zara (Meera Khumbhani) into the fold after buying one of her paintings. She’s a magnetic beauty who steals the hearts of men and women. Her relationships are very passionate, but they fizzle out fast. Zara might share Lily’s love of art and making out with other ladies, but she’ll probably end up being the Robin that makes Stosh (again, ugh) temporarily change his womanizing ways. There’s no trailer yet, but this one has potential.

Will you be trying to fill the whole “HIMYM” left in your heart with one of these new shows or did that series finale make you swear off of falling in love with TV series about love?

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