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3 Reasons Martha Stewart Roasting Justin Bieber is Awesome

  Martha Stewart is one of the celebrities who just couldn’t turn down the chance to do a little Bieb-bashing at the Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber, which taped on March 14 and airs later this month. If Stewart is as good at crafting jokes about Canadian pop stars as she is at crafting household decor, we know she did just fine. 1. Her mere presence is funnier than any dirty joke The more you think about Stewart’s presence at Bieber’s roast, the funnier it becomes. There’s no word on why she decided to sign up for the event, but she did meet “fetus Bieber” during an appearance on “The Late Show” back in 2011. After the encounter, the domestic diva proved that she’s a bit of a mean girl by tweeting that Bieber’s mom looked like a 12-year-old. It’s possible that fellow roaster Snoop Dogg convinced Stewart to sign on for the event. They’re such good pals that they’ve made mashed potatoes and brownies together on her TV show (no, they weren’t that kind of brownies). 2. Hopefully she put the Biebs in his place Bieber likes to act like he’s tough with his baby abs and his terrible tattoos, but Martha is the real deal — she’s actually done hard time. She even had a prison nickname, but she can’t remember what it is. Maybe she tried to scare Justin straight by talking about her time in the clink. The “Bieber Weaver” might even make a few new friends by presenting them with their own cozy prison ponchos. 3. Food jokes are totally appropriate for a roast I can already hear Stewart telling the Beibs, “I’ve roasted Cornish hens bigger than you!” You might think that Stewart is above cracking filthy food jokes, but this is a woman who once made a funny about using sausage casings as condoms. Hopefully Stewart brings up Bieber’s most famous food-related incident: that time he egged his neighbor’s house. Perhaps she schooled the singer on more constructive uses for eggs, like whipping up a delicious frittata brunch for the model who slept over and using the eggshells as mini planters or votive candle holders. Stewart will be joined by Snoop Dogg, Hannibal Buress, Chris D’Elia, Natasha Leggero, Ludacris, Shaquille O’Neal, and Jeffrey Ross at the Bieber Roast. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see what Stewart cooked up for the Canadian pop tart when the roast airs on Comedy Central on March 30. To upgrade your package to include Comedy Central plug in your zip below.
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