As you’re browsing in the app store or Android market, you might have seen applications that promise a social television experience. But what exactly are social TV apps?

These applications are designed to allow viewers who are watching the same television show to connect in chat rooms, write remarks through social media, and post comments to forums, all in real time. Basically, these apps allow fans from all over the world to comment about the television show they’re watching together as it’s airing.

Social TV is so addicting that once you try it, you’ll never want to watch television alone again. There are many apps on the market that offer an interactive experience. Here are some that you might want to try out.

For starters, there’s Viggle, an app that gives users points for every television show they watch. The points can then be used to purchase rewards. Viggle users can verify the show they’re watching by holding the phone near their television to record the audio playing. Viggle also gives users access to an online chat room designed for each episode they’re watching. This allows fans of the show to talk, post comments, and share websites with one another.

If you are late to a room, don’t worry. Viggle lets users read older comments posted before they joined. The application is available for free through iTunes and the Android market.

Also on the market is Into Now, which works like Viggle in that the application can recognize what television show you are watching by listening to the audio. Although this application doesn’t offer reward points, it allows users to communicate during an episode and add captions to screen shots taken while the episode airs. Users can “favorite” shows, get notifications on upcoming episodes, and follow friends who watch the same shows.

Zeebox is another social TV app designed in the UK, but it can be used throughout the world. This application is unlike anything else on the market due to its strong network partnerships with big clients such as HBO and Comcast. Users will get in-app alerts, reminders of show airings, and program information. The app also designed a fully interactive portion that gives users detailed information on characters, episode descriptions, and behind-the-scenes details that help users extend their conversations to more than just posting in the application.

Finally, the last app you should check out and the newest to hit the market is Miso. When you check into a television show you earn badges and points that can be used towards rewards. Users can also connect through an in-app chat room and send snapshots of television shows to their friends.

Regardless of how many social TV apps you choose, one thing is certain: Social television apps have enticed users to not only watch more television, but to engage more.