Ironside Fall TV Show Flops

Hey, they can’t all be winners – that’s never more evident as when dealing with new TV shows. It’s notoriously difficult to gain a following and have fans rabid for each week of TV, which is why it’s sink or swim for the new 2013 fall schedule. And while we’re only a month into the new season, there have already been some clear winners – and some clear fall TV show flops. See which shows have already gone the way of the dinosaur. Alas, Ironside and Lucky 7, we hardly knew ye.

Ironside: In “not terribly surprising” news, Blair Underwood wasn’t able to catch a break with his latest dud, Ironside. Patterned after the much-easier-to-believe comic, Ironside is a wheelchair-bound cop with a dirty past. After just three episodes of seeing Underwood wheel after criminals and spot evidence on the floor, viewers weren’t into the idea and NBC was forced to put the show out of its misery, according to Deadline. It’s back to guest starring roles for you, Underwood!

Lucky 7: Sometimes, producers take a show popular in Great Britain, reformat with Americans and it’s a huge success. See also: The Office. Unfortunately, a lot of times it’s a big mistake. See also: Coupling. Unfortunately, the tale of seven winners of a lottery falls into the latter category. American viewers simply didn’t gel with the storyline and the highly-advertised show was killed only 12 days into the season. Ouch.

Welcome to the Family: We have Modern Family. We have Parenthood. Why wouldn’t viewers want more family fun in an already-crowded genre? The plot line behind the show – a high school girl becomes pregnant with her boyfriend’s baby and the families don’t get along – was slated to be funny, but the show lacked star power and was weighted down by the fact that other shows are already doing the family thing better.

We Are Men: It was like Sex and the City – only with men and fewer viewers. It was supposed to be a starring vehicle for Jerry O’Connell. Instead, the premise of for single guys bonding over their admirably comedic love lives garnered a disappointing 5.8 million viewers. CBS decided to call it quits after a dismal two episodes, so it looks like O’Connell is going back to being a Hollywood househusband.

Don’t be too disappointed if you’re one of the handful of people who actually watched these fall TV show flops. While they may be stricken from the schedule, they’ll live forever in our hearts – and make room for more successful shows on the docket.

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