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5 Wackiest “Frozen” Moments on “Once Upon a Time” So Far

frozen_OUAT Disney’s “Frozen” seemed like the perfect fit for “Once Upon a Time”—it’s about the dangers of magic powers, love, and a power struggle, all of which can be found on “Once.” However, adding Elsa and Anna’s story to Henry’s mysterious storybook has resulted in a few moments that weren’t exactly magical. Let’s take a look at the silliest “Frozen” scenes we’ve seen so far. 1. Anna convinces David to fight warlord Bo Peep. How did Anna avoid the urge to burst out laughing when she learned David was petrified of Little Bo Peep? “Once Upon a Time” has done some pretty wacky things in the past, but turning Bo Peep into a “warlord” was one of the show’s most laughable moves. Even worse, the most harmless-looking girl in the world had to convince cowardly David that he was capable of taking down a nursery rhyme character with an army consisting of two goons in a gazebo. Without Anna turning him into an expert swordsman in just one day, David and his awful wig would be Bo Peep’s slaves for life. It’s great that David and Elsa were able to use Bo the Butcher’s shepherd’s crook to check up on Anna, but I don’t get why David allowed an enemy to keep such a powerful magic item. 2. Suddenly, there’s a second Snow Queen in Storybrooke. Elsa isn’t the only ice maiden in town—Elizabeth Mitchell is playing a sinister Snow Queen who uses her magic powers to menacingly make ice cream. Apparently she’s been serving up frozen treats in Storybrooke while patiently waiting for the day when she can frame Elsa for terrorizing the town. The second Snow Queen might be an evil sorceress from a far away land, but somehow she’s a football fan — she named her frozen treat shop Any Given Sundae. You just know she’s going to end up being related to someone (my guess is she’s Elsa and Anna’s aunt). 3. David knows Kristoff. How on earth did David and Kristoff become buddies? David is a dirt-poor shepherd who has no money to make the overseas trip to Arendelle, and it’s unlikely that ice man Kristoff ever hauled ice across the ocean over to the Enchanted Forest—it wouldn’t last unless he had a human freezer like Elizabeth Mitchell to keep it cold. Maybe Sven is a magical flying reindeer, Kristoff is the son of Kris Kringle, and he met David while delivering toys to the Enchanted Forest with his dad. 4. Elsa makes a “Frozen” reference while Emma freezes to death. Elsa doesn’t get to sing on “Once Upon a Time,” but the clever writers just had to do something to remind kids watching the show that “Let It Go” needs to be sung over and over again dozens of times every day. After poor Emma complained about being cold, Elsa just shrugged and said that it’s never bothered her. What a cold thing to say to someone who’s freezing to death in your ice cave. 5. The Snow Queen’s arrival causes quite the stir. “Once Upon a Time” didn’t bring Olaf to Storybrooke with Elsa, but the “Frozen” queen did create a sinister snowman that terrorized the town for a hot minute. The snow monster stomped around a bit and growled at people, but he was never much of a threat—Regina easily took him out after she quit pouting long enough to care about things happening in her town that might cause harm her son. It turned out that the walking hulk of whipped cream existed solely for Regina to prove to Maid Marian that she’s no longer a murderous maniac. What do you think of the “Frozen” story arc so far? Does it feel fresh and fun, or do you find that you’re laughing at way too many unintentionally funny moments?
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