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5 Ways “Orphan Black” Made Fans Proud to be Part of the Clone Club at Comic Con

tatianamaslyana Aliens, vampires, and superheroes are so last year. San Diego Comic Con 2014 was all about clones, and the “Orphan Black” cast did their best to make Clone Club sestras feel proud to be members of the fandom. In honor of one of the best shows on TV, let’s take a look at the most memorable “Orphan Black” moments from Comic Con. Just be forewarned — they’ll leave you hungering for more “Orphan Black” like Helena hungers for powdered doughnuts and pickles. 1. Tatiana Maslany tears up. The marvel that is Ms. Maslany showed a genuine appreciation for her fans when she teared up after hearing one viewer’s touching story during the Q&A portion of the “Orphan Black” Comic Con panel. According to Slash Film, a girl named Taylor thanked Maslany for changing her life. “Before I started watching the show I was really in the closet and I was totally ashamed of who I was,” Taylor said. “I hated myself. My parents weren’t okay with me being gay. I started watching the show with my mom and it’s helped us start to rebuild our relationship. Because she sees Cosima and she sees that it’s okay and that people are more than their sexuality. I want to thank you for that.” Maslany was visibly moved by the story, wiping away tears as the fan asked her what it’s like to save people’s lives. The emotional actress responded to the amazing anecdote by saying, “That’s amazing. I mean, I have no words. That’s incredible.” 2. The “Orphan Black” cast showed their love for the Clone Club. The cast of “Orphan Black” graciously accepted some pretty awesome gifts from fans. According to E! Online, Dylan Bruce received a “Nail Gun Ken Doll” that joined him onstage during the Nerd HQ panel. One creative Clone Club member gifted Maslany with Russian nesting dolls painted like the sestras, and the actress warmly hugged a fan who presented her with “The Best Actress in the World Award” on behalf of the Clone Club. Who needs an Emmy nod when you’re so beloved by your fans? Speaking of the Emmys, Maslany perfectly responded to her stunning snub by expressing her love for the people whose opinions really matter. “I just feel really lucky to be at this point in history, in television history, making a show like this and in the company of shows like that,” she said, according to io9. “The Emmys are lovely and wonderful, but for me it’s more hearing the response from the fans and seeing the fan art. Honestly, being in this room, that’s why we do it.” The “Orphan Black” cast thrilled fans by making a surprise appearance at the Tumblr Clone Club meeting. There they hosted a cosplay contest full of bespectacled Cosimas, Alisons in sporty soccer mom uniforms, and frizzy-haired Helenas all decked out in Prolethean wedding finery. According to Popsugar, Maslany borrowed one Alison cosplayer’s hot glue gun and posed for funny photos. According to AfterEllen, Maslany showed a little love for gay fans during the Nerd HQ Panel by shouting, “Go clonesbians!” She also revealed that Cosima is the clone she relates to the most. 3. “Orphan Black” stars the hottest man at comic con and he has an awesome man crush. E! Online named Dylan Bruce the Hottest Guy at Comic Con 2014, and he proved that he deserved the title by making ovaries explode with his man crush revelation. Bruce revealed his dream guy while talking about the “Orphan Black” scene where Paul tried to frame Felix for murder. “It was a tough part of the job because I have a big man crush on Jordan Gavaris,” Bruce said. “My man crush on Jordan Gavaris is almost as much as my crush on Clone Club, so when I read that scene, I was like, ‘You guys are gonna hate me.’ I thought Paul would be unredeemable after that.” Luckily, Bruce just created a whole new faction of Paulix shippers who will be fast to forgive him. “Orphan Black” doesn’t just star the hottest guy at Comic Con; one of the show’s biggest fans is also a hunky guy. Buff “True Blood” star Joe Manganiello expressed his love for the show in an MTV video. “Vampire shows are lame,” he said. “‘Orphan Black,’ that’s a show.” The funny clip featured three clone Manganiellos, including one wearing a sombrero. 4. Maslany is an adorable fangirl. Maslany proved she’s just like her fans by totally geeking out at Comic Con. During Entertainment Weekly’s Women Who Kick Ass panel, she revealed that she loves Leela from “Futurama,” so obviously Helena needs to dye her hair purple. She also said she’d love to play Raphael from “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” in a movie. If any woman could pull off playing a male mutant turtle, it’s Maslany. Maslany turned into a total fangirl while snapping an adorable selfie with Sarah Paulson. Paulson is set to play conjoined twins in “American Horror Story: Freak Show,” so perhaps she picked up a few acting tips from Maslany. Maslany revealed that her ideal Comic Con cosplay costume would be Finn from “Adventure Time,” and she really let her geek flag fly high by dressing up as “Shaun of the Dead” for The Hollywood Reporter’s graphic novel-inspired “Titans of Comic Con.” She gushed that the zombie flick “is a perfect film” and said she’d wait in line at Comic Con to meet Simon Pegg. 5. Donnie is an excellent twerker. During an interview with MTV News, the guys of “Orphan Black” were asked about what moves they’d bust out for a Clone Club dance party. Actor Kristian Bruun responded to the question by showing off his twerking skills, and it turns out he’s not a fan of Donnie’s tighty whities; it looks like he’s wearing undies adorned with the British flag in the funny video. Bruun said that his dance moves failed to land him a role in “Magic Mike,” but maybe he’ll have a shot at scoring a part in the sequel now that Manganiello is a member of the Clone Club for Men. Doesn’t all this Clone Club excitement make the wait for season three seem even more unbearable?
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