Looking to get a new TV for the holidays this year?

Whether you’re giving a TV away as a gift or planning to get one for yourself, there’s a lot of options on how to get the best holiday deals. If you missed the great TV deals during Black Friday you’re not completely out of luck. There are a lot of opportunities for TV deals, and if you find yourself asking When’s the Best Time to Buy a TV? Now is a pretty good time to start shopping around.

1. Amazon.com, of course.

Amazon still has some remarkable deals on televisions, just in time for the holidays. Like this 42″ Panasonic 3D TV for just $670. The best deals are regularly found online, so be sure to checkout Amazon and other online retailers before buying in-store. Though it’s also important to note that some stores will price-match what you find online.

2. Decide.com

If you haven’t used Decide.com yet, now is the perfect time to check it out. They have a dedicated TV shopping section that let’s you sort TVs by not only technology, price, brand, or format, but they also use a neat set of algorithms to determine whether or not that TV you’ve been eyeing is worth buying now, or waiting for.

3. CNet’s HDTV gift finder.

Having a hard time nailing down the perfect TV deal? Try CNet.com’s HDTV Gift Finder. The site allows you to find the perfect TV for you (or your giftee) by browsing through more than 800 TVs and sorting them in terms of several categories; including size, type, features, and brand.

4. Best Buy’s TV and home theater deals.

While Best Buy offers a lot of great gifts and deals for the holidays, their TV and Home Theater deals simply can’t be beat. A 60″ HDTV, for example, is currently on sale for just $800! Undoubtedly one of the best deals we’ve seen on such a big-sized TV. At Best Buy’s online offer page you can save up to $300 on a new TV. But the deals go fast, so if any of them look good you’ll want to jump on them right away.

5. Bizrate’s comparison shop.

Sometimes deals are designed to look like regular priced offers, which is why it’s always a good idea to visit Bizrate.com’s Flat screen TV comparison shop. You’ll be able to instantly see some of the top deals on TVs, sort them by categories defined by you, and immediately see how many (and which) shops have that specific deal in stock. Handy doesn’t even begin to describe how great the Bizrate site is for comparison shopping quickly.

Holiday photo by Flickr user.