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7 Ways “Orange is the New Black” Teaches Us How to Be a Better Friend

By now it’s obvious that no one survives in Litchfield without a little help from their friends. The criminal compatriots of “Orange Is the New Black” have some of the tightest friendship on television. Seeing as these gals have plenty of time to work on their relationships, we thought we’d take a closer look to see what they can teach us about being a friend. Here are seven ways to kill at friendship – “OITNB” style. 1. Sometimes You Gotta Dance CTV_july 30 Nothing breaks the tension like getting your groove on. The ladies of Litchfield definitely know how to cut a rug. And no matter what may be going on, when someone breaks out their sick dance moves, it brings everyone together. And really, friendship is about fun – what’s more fun than bumping and grinding with your bestie? 2. Hating the Same Things Helps CTV_july 30 While sharing some good tunes and dancing it out is certainly going to bring friends together, sometimes you can bond over a strong dislike for something or someone. In Litchfield, it’s often the hateful alliances that are the strongest. Whether it’s one of the C.O.s, a fellow inmate, or someone on TV, being able to bitch about the same stuff is priceless. 3. Don’t Be Afraid to Hug It Out Even if “no touching” is a constant refrain in the big house, these gals know the healing power of a hug. No words can say the same thing as a well-timed squeeze from a caring friend. 4. Break Bread Together Even though Red (Kate Mulgrew) wasn’t running the kitchen anymore, she still found ways to bring her crew together for a feast. Sharing a meal is a great way to bring everyone to the same place, celebrate, and show a little love. 5. Friendship Can Bloom in Unexpected Places e18394c0-fc05-0132-4512-0a2ca390b447 Pennsatucky (Taryn Manning) and Big Boo (Carrie Black) were the last two gals you’d expect to become friends. But they were able to see past their differences (namely Tucky’s rampant homophobia) and form a bond that looks like one for the record-books. 6. Loyalty Rules CTV_july 30 There’s a reason dogs are known as man’s best friend – they’re loyal to a fault. And everyone needs someone who’s willing to go to the mat for them, even if it might get them in trouble. 7. Some Friends Are Better Than Freedom CTV_july 30 When Taystee (Danielle Brooks) got released, it wasn’t long before she found her way back to Litchfield and her BFF Poussey (Samira Wiley). These two have been through the ringer, but they always wind up together in the end. These indomitable besties give new meaning to the concept of being friends for life. If these gals can find ways to make friendships flourish behind bars, we’ve got no excuse for being lame on the outside. Next time you’re having a spat with your bestie, think about the ladies of Litchfield and let them inspire you to repairing your kickass friendship.

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