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Adjusting Sound Options on the Cox DVR Cable Box

Cox DVR Box

There are three audio settings available on your Cox DVR cable box:

  1. Two-Channel Only – this type of sound mimics natural human hearing. It projects two slightly varied tracks through two separate speakers, usually found on either side of the television screen.
  2. Dolby Digital – this type of sound is more heavily encoded and TV sets have to be built to decode it. This is known as surround sound because it projects multiple, slightly varied tracks through multiple speakers, arranged around the room.
  3. HDMI – if the DVR is connected to your TV with an HDMI cable, you’ll get digital stereo (enhanced two-channel).

To change your audio settings:

  • Press “Settings” on the remote
  • Then press the “A” button
  • Scroll to “Audio/Video” and press “Select.”
  • Scroll to “Audio Digital Output” and press “Select” again.
  • Choose “Two-Channel Only,” “Dolby Digital,” or “HDMI” and press “Select.”
That’s it! Press “Exit” and you’re done. For more updated information, check out our full review of the Cox 6 Record DVR.

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