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Author: Aaron Eldredge

Johnny Manziel and The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Last season Johnny Manziel led Texas A&M on an amazing ride through their season, ending in a blowout win over Oklahoma in the Cotton bowl and a #5 national ranking for A&M, and the first ever Heisman Trophy awarded to a freshman for Manziel. This season does not look to be off to such a great start. After an offseason of questionable decisions, Johnny “Football” Manziel is under investigation from the NCAA for allegedly selling autographs to multiple memorabilia brokers. NCAA rules prohibit any player from using their image or name to earn money, a hotly-debated subject that is currently being challenged in a lawsuit led by an ex-UCLA basketball player. Even though the players-should-be-paid-side is gaining traction, at the moment the rule still stands, which could mean serious consequences for Johnny Football and Texas A&M. While it is still unclear what evidence is really out there, this situation must have the Aggies sweating bullets. There are a couple ways this could play out: The NCAA is unable to put together the paper trail and the case is dropped. Many happy people in College Station, Texas. The NCAA puts together a weak case, Manziel receives a slap on the wrist reminiscent of Cam Newton a couple years ago. Manziel is ruled ineligible by the school then quickly reinstated with minimal consequences, like paying back the money he took, or...

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A-Rod 211 Game Suspension – Too Harsh or Not Enough?

Well, the hammer finally dropped and punishments for the now infamous Biogenesis scandal have been handed out. Ryan Braun was the first to receive his suspension of 65 games, then earlier today 12 more players received 50-game suspensions, including Rangers’ slugger Nelson Cruz. Finally, the much anticipated A-Rod suspension was announced, coming in at 211 games. Ouch. The distaste for the way Rodriguez and his camp handled the entire situation was obvious in the language used by the league, “Rodriguez’s discipline under the Basic Agreement is for attempting to cover-up his violations of the program by engaging in a...

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Social Media and the College Sports Recruiting Battle

Remember the old days of recruiting? Letters and phone calls, letters and phone calls everywhere. These days it’s Facebook and Twitter, and the attention comes from more people than just the head coach of the team. Social media has become engrained in our society, and for some student-athletes-to-be, it is their primary means of communication. A lot of these kids already spend mass amounts of time on social media sites every day, so getting communications from prospective schools on there is preferable to traditional phone calls and letters. Not only is using social media advantageous for connecting with kids...

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Money, Lies, and Baseball: The Predicament of Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez has a choice to make, and the ramifications from that choice will be felt for many years to come. A few recurring themes in Rodriguez’s career have come to a head and just might put an end to everything: PEDs, injuries, and the inability to prove his worth. With allegations closing in on A-Rod, he is seemingly left with two options: 1.)    Retire, say his hip injury is career-ending. While there is certainly no glory to be had in this route, there is money, close to 100 million dollars to be more specific, 86 million to be exact. If a player is physically unable to perform, he is still entitled to collect the remainder of his contract. This happened in 2000 when Albert Belle retired, citing a hip injury, and collected the money left on his contract through 2003. Not only would this move ensure him of getting his money, it would partially shield him from the coming onslaught of criticism and anger that is sure to follow the impending Biogenesis scandal reports and subsequent suspension. A-Rod was one of the players listed as having received PEDs from the now defunct Biogenesis and its owner, Tony Bosch. The other big name on that list, Ryan Braun, was already handed a season-ending 65 game suspension. Needless to say, this route destroys any glory, prestige, or honor still associated...

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Falling Chips: Odds for the 2014 NBA Champion

Like it or not, the Miami Heat are the 2013 NBA Champions. It is officially in the history books. Don’t get discouraged thought, there is always next year for your team. On that note, let’s take a look at who the betting guys think will win it all next season: #1 – Miami Heat – Odds to Win Championship = 2/1 There is no question that the Heat are the best team in the NBA, and will remain so until somebody knocks them off. They have won back-to-back championships, and have made it into the Finals the last 3 years. They have the best player on the planet, in his prime. Wade and Bosh are not the players they once were, but being paired with LeBron helps. Long story short, they are absolutely the team to beat. #2 – Oklahoma City Thunder – Odds to Win Championship = 6/1 There is good news and bad news in Oklahoma. The bad news: for the first time in the young franchise’s life, there are some concerning questions. The good news: Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are still wearing Thunder jerseys. The Thunder traded away the dynamic James Harden for Kevin Martin, who is now with Minnesota. Ibaka has lost confidence in his shot, and Perkins has become a disaster. Despite that, Oklahoma is still the favorite in the West, and for...

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