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Author: Aaron Eldredge

Are Professional Athletes The Next Stars of Reality TV?

The Los Angeles Lakers, in their fevered-pitch to keep superstar NBA center Dwight Howard, apparently included a TV show in their offer. It is now rumored that the Houston Rockets followed suit and included a TV show in their pitch as well. Is this what professional contract negotiations have come to? Should Heat fans start expecting to see LeBron on his own show? Will Knick fans see Carmelo Anthony purse-shopping with his wife, cleaning out the pool, or whatever else goes on in these reality shows? Maybe not now, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see more of this in the future. We are seeing small-market teams struggle to land and keep superstars, because stars want to be in the biggest markets with the most exposure. In this day and age, where pro athletes have achieved rock-star-status, with social media pushing the extent of exposure even further, perhaps this type of business pitch makes sense. Reality TV and sports have a complicated history with a few ups, and many downs. To sum it up in an over-used cliché, it has been a case of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: The Good – 24/7 24/7 is HBO’s behind-the-scenes look at boxers and events leading up to a big fight. The HBO series has become the official prelude to big fights for many boxing fans out there. It all...

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Why The San Antonio Spurs Will Win Game 7 – NBA Finals 2013

Tony Parker and the San Antonio Spurs have already moved on from the devastating Game 6 loss. “If you told us we’d be tied 3-3 with a chance to win a title, we’d sign it …. It’s a great challenge. We know we can beat them here.” Parker told reporters after Miami’s comeback win. The San Antonio Spurs controlled most of that game, they played the game they wanted to play and were within 30 seconds of hoisting another championship trophy. They just couldn’t finish. The good news: no team has been able to win two games in a row during this series, a stat the Spurs hope will hold true in Game 7. Winning an NBA title is rarely a smooth ride, San Antonio understands this better than anyone. The Spurs know exactly what it takes to win a championship, they have won four in since drafting Tim Duncan in 1997. The Spurs showed their maturity immediately after the tough loss; nobody was pointing fingers, nobody was throwing people under the bus, they lost and they moved on. Critics are saying that San Antonio are going to come out tired and spent in Game 7, those people don’t know this Spurs team. Every member of this team is a competitor, and understands that they are four quarters of good basketball away from achieving their goal. When things get...

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Why The Miami Heat Will Win Game 7 – NBA Finals 2013

One game. The entire season has come down to one single game. Miami showed a lot of heart in Game 6, coming back after it looked like the game was over. Not only did that comeback build up the Heat’s confidence, it now becomes a whisper in the collective brain of the San Antonio Spurs. San Antonio was 30 seconds away from their championship celebration, but had it ripped away from them by LeBron and the Heat. How will they respond to the heartbreak of that meltdown? Can they overcome the emotional devastation of Game 6? Not if LeBron has anything to say about it. So let’s get right to the point, why will the Heat win Game 7? To put it simply, because LeBron James won’t let them lose. He didn’t let them lose Game 6, and he won’t let them lose Game 7 either. LeBron had a pedestrian first three quarters in Game 6 by his standards, then he dialed up his sense of urgency. During the fourth quarter and OT LeBron was aggressive, attacking, and decisive. He knew that it wasn’t going to get done if he didn’t do it himself. So he put the team on his back and scored 16 points on 7-10 shooting in the fourth quarter. When it was all said and done, LeBron had 32 points, 11 assists, 10 rebounds, 3...

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The 2013 NBA Draft has One Future MVP Winner, and His Name is C.J. McCollum

NBA teams in the draft are always hoping to get that one guy who can take them to the next level, that guy who will bring the MVP trophy to their city. While it almost always seems like whoever has the #1 pick is sure to get the best player in the draft, that’s definitely not the case. Only 10 of the #1 picks in the entire history of the NBA draft have gone on to win the MVP award during their careers. 2-time MVP winner Steve Nash wasn’t even picked until 15th, and Karl Malone went 13th. Taking...

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Keys to the 2013 NBA Finals

The Miami Heat are looking to win their second straight NBA title. Miami will have their hands full with the San Antonio Spurs, a team that is looking to hang its fifth championship banner in the last 14 years. Ever since The Decision, where LeBron James announced to the world he was leaving Cleveland for Miami, the Heat have been the team that people either love, or love to hate. The formation of the Big 3, consisting of LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh, was so polarizing that the league changed its financial structure and enforcement to prevent it from happening again. While the Heat’s Big 3 get a lot of attention, the Spurs’ have a mighty Big 3 of their own. Tim Duncan, Manu Ginóbili, and Tony Parker are a force to be reckoned with and have proven themselves with numerous championship rings. These are the two best teams in the league, and this series will prove which team truly deserves to be called champion. Let’s take a look at what is going to make the difference in these Finals Spurs’ pick-and-roll vs. Heat’s perimeter defense The Heat have great perimeter defense, probably as good as anyone in the league. The Spurs have a pick-and-roll expert in Tony Parker. Whichever team can control this aspect of the game will have a major advantage in the series. Can...

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