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Author: Barton Strawn

5 of the Best TV Packages and What Makes Them So Great

  There are a lot of great cable packages available, but they’re not all created equal. Some are low-cost, others offer hundreds of channels, and many include bundling discounts that can save you money. In the end, choosing a TV package is a personal decision that’s based on factors like your budget and your household’s viewing preferences. Keep those factors in mind as you read this run-down of some of the best TV packages available.   1. Charter Spectrum Triple Play Select Benefits: Powerful HD offerings with solid Internet and phone perks Cost: From $29.99 per month each for 12...

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How Do I Choose a Satellite TV Provider?

Despite all the commotion about cutting the cord, 83 percent of households still pay monthly for their television service, with millennials spending 109 hours per month watching live TV. Whether it’s the access to so many HD channels, the better sports coverage, or wide availability, you know you want satellite TV. The big question is, which provider do you choose? While there are several different cable TV providers, there are just two main satellite TV providers — DIRECTV® and DISH®. Both providers offer unique features and pricing, so it’s important to know what you’re looking for as you compare...

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What #UnlockTheBox really means for the cable industry

Unlock the Box: Consumers vs. Cable Industry By the end of the year, our nation’s leaders could be voting on a groundbreaking resolution that will forever change the way Americans view pay-TV media. A recent Federal Communications Commission (FCC) proposal to “unlock the box” is pushing to allow cable TV subscribers to ditch company-owned set-top boxes for any third-party equipment like a Google Chromecast, Apple TV, or Amazon Fire TV. This would eliminate the  in rental fees for their cable boxes. But what does #UnlockTheBox really mean for the cable industry and its consumers? Here’s a quick rundown of...

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The Possible End of Cord Cutting As We Know It

TV Producers Contemplate Move to Fight Cord-Cutting Trend Cord cutting was one of the  of 2015, but new information may make you think twice before trading in your cable subscription for a collection of streaming-only subscriptions. TV producers are getting wise to the mass cable exodus of recent years, and they’re not going to simply stand by and let it continue. Streaming television services like Netflix, which lets viewers binge-watch past seasons of favorite shows, and Hulu, which streams current episodes with the right subscription, may be seeing an end to their heyday.   The Business of TV It...

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