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Author: Ben Mueller

Top 10 “All That” Sketches That Will Still Make You LOL Today

We forget that before Nick Cannon was a drum captain, Kenan Thompson an SNL cast member, and Amanda Bynes a complete nutzoid, they all started as child actors in Nickelodeon All That sketches. The show’s humor may have revolved around underwear and pickles, but these top ten goodies are worth revisiting by the six-to-eleven year-old in all of us. 1. ‘Cooking with Randy,” Special Guest: Chris Farley It’s anybody’s guess how comedic genius Chris Farley had the time to explode ketchup all over himself with Kenan Thompson. One of the oddest comedy collabs… no, make that the oddest comedy...

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Aereo and Live TV Streaming: Tiny Antennas Causing a Big Stir

  The tech world is all atwitter about Aereo, the live TV streaming startup priced at only $8 a month. Is the service really at the helm of a TV revolution, or is it illegal like so many companies are complaining? We explain what the fuss is about, and why the site is totally worth checking out. What is Aereo? Founder and CEO Chet Kanojia’s startup provides the inexpensive streaming of basic network channels to your laptop or compatible device. It also has syndicated programming and DVR ready for either 20 or 60 hours of recorded programming. If most of the TV you watch is on major networks, PBS, Bloomberg, or HSN (let’s hope not on that last one), then we might just have your heaven-sent. How does it work? Have you ever fumbled with digital cable on your TV and noticed that even when on the fritz, basic network channels still appear as if by some dark sorcery? Network broadcast channels are still sent over literal airwaves (even though your cable provider has you pay rebroadcasting fees for including them in your cable package). If you still have a TV with an antenna (and an Andy Griffith commemorative lunchbox to match), you can watch anything from American Ninja Warrior to Scandal for free. Aereo offers that very same service, except you use one of their antennas stored in...

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Is FOX’s Animation Domination High-Def the “Future of Animation”?

For those of you who weren’t tuned to FOX on Saturday night, you missed the offical debut of the channel’s new animation block, ADHD: Animation Domination High-Def. Until recently, the project was just a website hosting an unsettling explosion of short-form YouTube animation and GIF-able craziness. FOX markets Animation Domination High-Def as “the future of animation.” Such boasting is low-hanging fruit considering the sneak peek was pre-gamed by a tepid Simpsons rerun of their season 24 finale, followed by an old Family Guy that made jokes about dead children seem blase. What FOX knows it needs is a shot...

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