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Author: Carson Ward

2015 TV Customer Satisfaction Industry Survey

Looking for more up-to-date information? Check out the 2016 customer satisfaction survey. We asked over 4,000 people in the U.S. about how they usually watch TV at home and how satisfied they are with their respective services. The results are in and the cable companies might want to take notice. Our survey asked seven questions: How do you usually watch TV at home? Who is your primary TV service provider? How satisfied are you with your TV service install and setup? (Fees, scheduling, etc.) How satisfied are you with your TV package’s channels? How satisfied are you with your...

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No, Netflix and Hulu are Not Killing Cable

Perhaps we could excuse a little journalistic sensationalism, but to claim “Netflix and Hulu Are Starting to Kill Cable” is either naïve or dishonest. We’ve heard that claim a lot lately based on an Experian study which found cord-cutters (people who have internet but no TV subscription service) went from 4.5% to 6.5% in the last 3 years. Is cable really dying? If so, it’s not dying any faster than we are. At the 2010 to 2013 rate, we’ll all be cord cutters by 2154. Anyone reading this will also be dead, barring any huge advances in life extension. Yes, subscription TV is shrinking, but journalists and social networks seem intent on making a mountain out of a 2% molehill. Beyond trying to make the claim bigger, the same authors have wrongly attributed the change as being driven almost exclusively by Hulu and Netflix. In reality, the same study actually points to something much larger than the two streaming services driving the change. According to the study, only 18% of “cord cutters” have Netflix OR Hulu. That figure seems even less significant if we realize about 11% of all Americans subscribe to Netflix. The Netflix/Hulu combo may provide enough programming to make some people cut the cord, but a whopping 82% of cord cutters don’t subscribe to either service. Netflix and Hulu obviously aren’t the industry killers journalists are...

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