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Author: Dave Schafer

The Ultimate Guide to the CenturyLink Prism Whole Home DVR

What Is the CenturyLink Prism Whole Home DVR? Prism TV is CenturyLink’s premium TV service. This is a fiber-optic service, so bandwidth and picture quality are excellent. Due to rapid expansion that may have outpaced CenturyLink’s resources, there have been some reliability concerns among customers in the past. Overall, though, Prism delivers a solid TV experience with great prices and a ton of HD channels. But what about the DVR? The Prism Whole Home DVR allows you to pause a show in one room and seamlessly pick it up in another. There is plenty of storage for your recorded...

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DISH Hopper 3 vs. DIRECTV Genie

Satellite TV is great. It’s available basically anywhere, and both major satellite providers—DISH and DIRECTV—offer competitive pricing, great channel selection, and good customer service. They also both offer great DVRs. Since most TV interaction happens through DVR systems, this is an important aspect of choosing a provider. If you’re trying to decide between DISH and DIRECTV, we’ve done the legwork and put together a comparison of the two systems for you. We’ve included a breakdown of the features they offer and how those features can make your television experience awesome. Are you ready? Let’s pit Hopper vs. Genie and...

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Verizon Fios vs. DIRECTV

At a GlanceType of ServiceFiberType of ServiceSatelliteChannel CountUp to 435+/150+ HDChannel CountUp to 315+/200 HDPrice$64.99–$89.99 per monthPrice$50–$125 per monthEquipment FeesUp to $32 per monthEquipment FeesIncluded (Genie DVR and up to three additional receivers)Installation FeeStarts at $90Installation FeeFreeContractNoneContract2 yearsCustomer Satisfaction3.66/5Customer Satisfaction3.63/5View Verizon PlansView DIRECTV PlansType of ServiceFiberChannel CountUp to 435+/150+ HDPrice$64.99–$89.99 per monthEquipment FeesUp to $32 per monthInstallation FeeStarts at $90ContractNoneCustomer Satisfaction3.66/5View Verizon PlansType of ServiceSatelliteChannel CountUp to 315+/200 HDPrice$50–$125 per monthEquipment FeesIncluded (Genie DVR and up to three additional receivers)Installation FeeFreeContract2 yearsCustomer Satisfaction3.63/5View DIRECTV Plans Data effective 4/13/2017. Not all offers available in all areas. You know what you...

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The Definitive Review of the TiVo

Can one of TiVo’s offerings make your DVR dreams come true? What is TiVo? | Main Features | TiVo Models | Fees | Compatibility | Hardware | User Experience   What Is the TiVo? The TiVo is a third-party DVR system that can be hooked up to nearly any cable provider’s service, offering an alternative to the proprietary—and sometimes clunky—DVR systems that cable companies provide. The company has been in the business for a long time, with the original TiVo coming to market in 1999, and it still offers one of the best values in the DVR business. In...

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XFINITY vs. AT&T U-verse

At a Glance Type of Service Cable Fiber Channel Count 260+/130 HD 550+/200 HD Price $29.99–$109.99/mo. $50–$125/mo. Equipment Fees $9.95/mo. Included in monthly bill Installation Fee Varies $35 activation fee Contract None Yes (1 year) Customer Satisfaction 3.36/5 3.57/5 Packages View XFINITY Plans View AT&T Plans Data effective 3/28/2017. Pricing and speeds are subject to change. Not all offers available in all areas. You know what you want—great, reliable TV with plenty of choice and flexibility at an affordable price. The hard part is figuring out which provider can deliver on those expectations. That’s where the team at

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