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Author: Dwayne Hogan

Is Lebron James Signing With Jay-Z’s Roc Nation Sports Agency?

Is LeBron going to let longtime friend Jay-Z represent him? Some might laugh. Some already say yes. Some say ‘not anytime soon.’ We don’t have to wonder about whether Jay-Z is thinking about it; Roc Nation would love to have LeBron, but so would any other agency. We’re wondering whether LeBron is considering it, and the answer is: beyond a “Reasonable Doubt.” Friends. How Many of Us Have Them? LeBron has worn the Roc jersey already, you know. Jay-Z’s 2003 streetball team featured James, who referred to himself as “part of the Roc” when MTV interviewed the two together during the “Roc the Mic” tour. The words “love” and “family” might get thrown around a little loosely to the paparazzi, but the two have clearly been good friends for well over a decade now. We’ve seen them together putting on a free concert in 2008 for a hopeful presidential candidate named Barack Obama, putting musical instruments into the hands of 200 students at Arizona’s Mesa Arts Academy, even going on a “double date” at the 2012 Sports Illustrated Sportsman Of The Year Award. More recently, the “2 Kings” hosted their 6th annual private party during All-Star Weekend in Houston. LeBron is no stranger to signing with friends, or to leaving big agencies when his friends start smaller ones. Case in point: Rich Paul. When LeBron left Leon Rose, it...

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LeBron James is The Most Underpaid Athlete [INFOGRAPHIC]

Most NBA fans and analysts would agree that LeBron James is the best basketball player in the world.  However, LeBron James’ salary of  $16 million a year makes him only the 13th highest paid player in the league.  Yes, LeBron James earns millions of dollars in endorsements.  And yes, he is in the top 1% of income earners in the world. But the salary earned from the Miami Heat does not compare to the economic value he provides to his team and the NBA. In the past year, James won two NBA titles, his fourth MVP trophy, and his...

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Who Will Win The 2013 NBA Championship? Poll Results

    It’s no surprise to anyone who follows the NBA that most fans believe LeBron James and the Miami Heat will win this year’s NBA title. We asked 26 sports bloggers who they thought would win the NBA finals.  24 out of the 26 bloggers (92%) picked the Miami Heat to win the title.  One of the outsiders picked the New York Knicks to win it all; the other picked the San Antonio Spurs. Our poll results closely matches a similar poll of over 200 sports writers conducted by ESPN.  95% of the sports writers in their poll...

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How the Galaxy S4 Can Improve Your TV Viewing Experience

  As you no doubt have heard, the age of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is upon us. It’s an impressive phone with great specs. But is it an iPhone killer? Well, maybe not; Apple’s dominance has never depended upon having the better product. But it could very well be a Universal Remote killer. You see, the Galaxy S4 is equipped with an IR port — a useful addition that has been strangely absent on the iPhone, as well as most other mobile devices (apart from a handful of Nokias, Xperias, and the mighty HTC One). Yes, Bluetooth has taken over most of the wireless connectivity duties on modern phones because it has better range, doesn’t need line-of-sight, and doesn’t depend upon specific device codes to establish a connection. But there’s one area in which Bluetooth adoption lags, and IR still decisively rules: remote controls. Nearly all remote controls depend on infrared transmission and reception. Armed with an IR-equipped phone, and an app that can access the appropriate codes for your device, you can happily forget about lost remotes and multiple remotes forever. We already know how much we use our phones while watching TV. Nielsen says at least 40% of us do it every day, and 85% do it at least once a month. The use of the smartphone as a “second screen” is a foregone conclusion for programmers...

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The Most Devious Characters in Game of Thrones

Already know who the most devious Game of Thrones character is? Vote here or read on for our analysis. Everyone in Game of Thrones can be pretty devious from time to time; except maybe Ned, and look where that got him. But other than that, Game of Thrones is a veritable who’s who of dastardly deeds. I wouldn’t trust a resident of the Seven Kingdoms to even tell me their real name, unless they knew that giving it to me would somehow implicate me in someone’s murder. Early on, I would have cast my vote for Cersei; after all, she managed to get King Robert killed, but it took her a few tries, and several lovers, and she really didn’t seem to know what to do with the throne once she got it. She’s definitely a major schemer, but she’s just not that good at it, so I can’t really call her wonderfully devious per se. But she’s a solid honorary mention, along with Tyrion, a habitual liar, but unfortunately a frequently sympathetic one and Melisandre, whose assassinations are impeccable, but whose loyalty is beyond question. The too-obvious pick for the most devious award would be The Master of Whisperers himself. Varys is so devious that he could have slipped into my home undetected and be right in front of me at this moment, masquerading perfectly as my PC...

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