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Author: Elliot Smith

How to Fix a Buzzing TV

The most common causes for a buzz in your TV have relatively simple cures. There are three prominent problems that can cause your TV to buzz or hum and each is accompanied by a distinct set of sounds and symptoms.

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Old Fashioned TV or Internet TV? Why Not Both, Says Dan Wieden

Television is changing, everyone can see that. But does that mean that television many of us have come to know and love is going away? Absolutely not. This great interview with Dan Wieden of the popular advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy sums up nicely how the changes in how we’re all watching TV is actually good. To quote Dan about the change in entertainment: “Do you want a right hand or do you want a left hand? I want to use both my hands. It’s boring if this is only a...

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Three Ways to Get a Job Watching TV

What if the job you get paid for is what you end up doing at work surreptitiously anyway? Maybe you stream a couple TV shows at work while you wait for the office aide to get back with the figures for an upcoming meeting. Or maybe you watch some shows when you’re actually supposed to be drafting new design plans. Whatever the excuse, you’re watching TV when you shouldn’t be. But what if you didn’t have to get your fix for game day highlights by cheating the company that pays for your NBA League Pass? Or by opening multiple...

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