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Author: Emiah Gardner

How Netflix is Becoming a Realistic Competitor with HBO

Which company started by providing Hollywood films to subscribers using a growing technology, quickly rose above the others, and eventually raised the stakes by providing highly regarded original programming? Up until the last few years, the obvious answer was HBO. Ask that question today and the answer may instead be Netflix. With the Emmy-winning “House of Cards” and “Orange is the New Black,” Netflix has done precisely what HBO did at the turn of the century, which is redefine itself as a haven for creators of quality programming, attracting subscribers and furthering its brand in the process. This is no coincidence; Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos said his company has HBO squarely in its sights. “The goal is to become HBO faster than HBO can become us,” Sarandos told GQ. In the same article, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings expressed his contempt for how the entertainment business “manages dissatisfaction” by making consumers wait for everything. Hastings’ daring response? Releasing every episode of the new seasons of “House of Cards” and “Arrested Development” at the same time. Don’t look for “Game of Thrones” to follow that lead any time soon. Different Worlds, Different Risks In October 2013, Netflix passed HBO in total U.S. subscribers for the first time. While Netflix leaders were quick to point out that they still have a long way to go to match HBO’s worldwide numbers or...

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3 Agencies Pushing The Envelope and Turning Advertisements into Entertainment

Tech companies and ad agencies are unveiling a slew of innovations that are changing the way we experience entertainment and receive marketing messages. And they’re doing it with unheard of speed. New types of content delivery systems, fresh opportunities to interact with our beloved Hollywood stars and dynamic digital campaigns are just a few ways entertainment and marketing are being transformed from passive experiences into wholly engaging ones. Let’s take a look at a handful of ambitious companies that are leading the revolution, and learn what makes them tick. 1. Big Spaceship When Big Spaceship claims it’s a “different” kind of ad agency, it’s not overstating the fact. Its digital campaigns are gathering a huge following and winning the most prestigious awards. Brooklyn-based Big Spaceship creates buzz-worthy campaigns for some of the world’s top brands, including Fiji Water, HP, and Crayola. In fact, its Voyeur Project, a website created for HBO that shows what’s going on in 12 virtual New York City apartments, drew 12 million viewers. Fueled by the mantra “your brand is the sum of its interactions,” Big Spaceship believes a brand isn’t what a company says it is; it’s what it is in the consumer’s mind. To help businesses create the ultimate interactive consumer experience, Big Spaceship takes a fresh, unique approach to collaboration. So innovative, that the “Harvard Business Review” published a lengthy case study...

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What is a Remote Control Extender?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could tuck your DVD player, cable box, and Xbox console out of site? Instead of being shoved under furniture or just out in the open – tangled cords and all – what if you could hide your home entertainment system in a box or a closet or even another room? With a remote control extender, you can disguise your home entertainment system and still get all the functionality of your remote controls. A remote control extender kit comes with a small transmitter, a small receiver, and usually three IR (infrared) receptors. The remote control transmitter sits near your TV, and the receiver sits near your home entertainment devices. Each IR receptor is placed over the infrared receptor on the device (see the diagram below) and wired into the receiver. [Diagram] So when you’re in the living room, watching TV, you can point any of your remotes at a single transmitter, and it passes the signal to the receiver with the consoles in the closet, in the drawer, or in the other room – wherever you hide them. And if you have more than three devices you want to connect? You can buy extender kits that will allow you to add more controls through your receiver. Do be careful to notice if your remote control extender system is IR only or IR to RF...

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Trailers, Snapchats and Premiere Party Glamour – Girls Season 3 is Coming

As we all wait with bated breath for the season 3 premiere of Girls to get here already, the PR team behind the hit HBO show is satiating our Lena Dunham cravings with trailers, Snapchats and pics from last night’s Girls premiere party. Poised, washed, and draped in designer dresses, the four actresses we’ve come to love looked stunning on the red carpet, only further wetting our appetites for the show to return. As you gear up for the January 12 premiere episodes, take a look at trailers and a few fun pics and let us know what you are looking forward to about this season. Find Emiah on...

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Jimmy Kimmel Makes Kids Cry and Its Pretty Hilarious

Who knew seeing kids cry and throw tantrums would be so entertaining to watch? Jimmy Kimmel is at it again, this time at the mercy of sweet children simply looking to enjoy the spoils of their Halloween trick or treating efforts. For the third year in a row, Kimmel asked loving parents across america to tell their kids that they ate all of their Halloween spoils and upload their kids devastated reactions to Youtube. This, all in an effort to entertain late night watchers and you lucky readers. Shout out to all of the parents willing to emotionally wound...

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