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Author: Emiah Gardner

Kanye West Brings Yeezus to Jimmy Fallon, Performs “Bound 2” with The Roots

Preparing for his “Yeezus tour” starting on Septmember 19th, Kanye West made a surprise appearance last night on Jimmy Fallon and performed “Bound 2” with The Roots, Charlie Wilson and a very cute group of background child singers. Starting the ode to Kim Kardashian with a clear jab at Ray-J, “Brandy little sister lame, and you know it now”, West went on to continue his live performance wearing a leather skirt. Seriously, can someone fill us in on what the skirt is all about? Find Emiah on...

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UC Irvine Will Offer a New Course Based on AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’

AMC’s The Walking Dead is no longer just a form of entertainment, UC Irvine has officially made it a school course. UC Irvine has Partnered with Instructure to offer a MOOC (massive open online course), which will consist of case studies from the zombie apocalypse TV drama. Titled, “Society, Science, Survival: Lessons from AMC’s The Walking Dead” the course is being offered on Instructure’s online Canvas Network and will be lead by UC Irvine faculty members. Anyone can enroll and the first class is scheduled to start Oct. 14, the day after The Walking Dead‘s Season 4 premiere. What do you think about this new course? Will you be enrolling? Check get a behind the scenes look at a day in the life of the undead with Zombiefied. Find Emiah on...

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LeBron James Transcends the NBA and Scores His Own Sitcom on Starz

Having won his second NBA championship this year LeBron James has not been shy when talking about the unlikely nature of his journey – reaching world fame, a multi-million dollar salary and lucrative endorsement deals after growing up in the inner city. LeBron james plans to explore that theme as the executive producer of a new show on Starz, titled, Survivor’s Remorse which will delve into the lives of two men from the inner city who achieve both fame and wealth. The show plans to explore how they deal with their family and friends after obtaining fame. This 30 minute sitcom will be a change for the Starz network whose previous original series have been intense dramas including The White Queen and Spartacus. What do you think? Will you be tuning in to Survivor’s Remorse? Read the full story here. Find Emiah on...

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“True Blood” Star, Anna Camp Is Headed to “How I Met Your Mother”

As fans are getting ready for the big wedding on How I Met Your Mother, the show itself is getting a casting swap. Due to scheduling conflicts Ellie Kemper will be replaced by True Blood’s, Anna Camp. Camp is set to attend the wedding as one of the most “attractive, available and unfortunate” guests. “How I Met Your Mother” Season 9 premieres on Monday, Sept. 23 at 8 p.m. ET on...

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The Walking Dead’s Robert Kirkman Gives an Exclusive Tour of The Set WATCH

Executive producer, Robert Kirkman gives fans an exclusive walk around the set of The Walking Dead. Displaying all of the props as we walks around the infamous prison, this walk through was nice but we are sure Walking Dead fans everywhere are just waiting with baited breath for the season 4 premier. Want more Walking Dead? Take the interactive behind the scenes tour, here. Find Emiah on...

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