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Author: Emiah Gardner

BREAKING – Ellen DeGeneres Will Host The 2014 Oscars

It’s Friday, which in itself is something worth smiling about. But we now have reason to leap wildly as we wait in excited anticipation for the 2014 Oscars. Ellen DeGeneres has just announced, via Twitter, her role as Oscars host for the second time. [View the story “Ellen DeGeneres to Host The 2013 Oscars” on Storify] View the whole story on Find Emiah on...

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How Twitter Feels About Debs Downward Spiral on #Dexter

Last night’s episode of Dexter featured a self-destructive, drug addled Deb. If the previews are any indication, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Throughout Season 8, viewers can expect to see Deb as a shell of the straight-laced cop she once was, and fans of the show have taken to Twitter to share their feelings about it. Some love her, some think Deb is annoying and some just want to see her coupled with Masuka (we hope that never happens). This is how Twitter feels about the new Deb. [View the story “How Twitter Feels About Debs...

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Twitters Funniest #NorthWest Tweets

Whether you are a fan of Keeping Up With the Kardashians or not its pretty difficult not to keep up with the famous “K” clan in some regard or another. This morning TMZ confirmed the name of Kim Kardashian and self-proclaimed God, Kanye West’s newborn baby. Their baby is not a fruit (Apple), nor a colorful hedera (Blue Ivy), rather the ordinal direction, North West. Behold Twitters funniest tweets that comment on the latest in unique celebrity baby names: [View the story “Twitters Funniest #NorthWest Tweets” on Storify] [View the story “Twitters Funniest #NorthWest Tweets” on Storify]Find Emiah on...

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How Twitter Felt About The Season 6 Premier of True Blood

Sunday nights season 6 premier of True Blood brought back elements of the show fans love and introduced a few that fans are clearly going to love to hate. Twitter was ablaze Sunday night with sassy quotes from Pam, oddly phrased sex ed. lessons from Arlene and fans’ unbarred reactions to Billith. Take a look at the best twitter responses to Sunday nights True Blood episode. [View the story “How Twitter Felt About The Season 6 Premier of True Blood” on Storify] Follow Emiah on...

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iMediaShare: From Online TV to Big Screen, via Smartphone

iMediaShare combines media sharing technology with online video aggregation, which is a roundabout way of saying you can use your mobile device to send Internet video to your TV. There are other ways to get this job done, but this app promises to make it as intuitive and effortless as possible; and, with some exceptions, iMediaShare pulls it off. When it comes to iOS and Android TV apps, we’ve seen plenty of TV guide apps that allow you to look up shows and schedule viewing. We’ve seen video apps that let you watch TV shows on your mobile device, and even some remote control apps. All of these apps have one thing in common: they bring some of the features of your TV to your phone. iMediaShare reverses this direction, letting you use your mobile device to put video on your TV. It connects with many online collections of TV shows, movies, news, and other Internet video content. You can choose from selected “Top Picks” or search through everything the channels have to offer and send the video of your choice to your network-connected TV. iMediaShare interfaces with a variety of equipment, including Smart TVs from LG, Sony, and Samsung, and game consoles like the Xbox360 and PS3. You can even use iMediaShare to remotely control your HTPC setup with Windows Media Center or XBMC. To get technical about...

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