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Author: Emiah Gardner

The Walking Dead Find a Sorrowful Life – Review and Collage

Right out of the gate you should know this is a Michael Rooker episode. He’s the gifted actor who plays Merle Dixon, the angry, ex-military member of Rick’s group and the writers let him chew up an awful lot of scenery in “The Sorrowful Life,” the latest installment from the AMC smash-hit The Walking Dead. So, one episode left in the season and honestly it’s been an exciting homestretch. The big showdown between The Governor’s and Rick’s gang has been heating up for a couple of weeks now and it looks like they’re saving the best for last. “The Sorrowful Life” could mean a lot of things to the show’s main protagonists, but in this instance it can only refer to Merle. He’s tormented, he’s out of place in the world, and since the zombie apocalypse started, the weight of all the people he’s killed has caused his conscience to collapse. Merle is remorseful but far too proud to seek emotional solace in another living human, not even his brother, Daryl. It’s only fitting, given his fractured state-of-mind and increasingly agitated demeanor that Rick approaches him to take Michonne and hand her over to The Gov and his cronies. It is clear he still has some humanity left inside when he starts to explain to Rick that the Gov won’t kill Michonne. No, he’ll torture her, including plucking out...

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Vinson App May Be The Next Big Thing in Live Mobile TV

What’s amazing about Vinson? It’s the single best app for TV viewing that you can get your hands on. What’s frustrating? There just isn’t much to see yet. Vinson is a white-label app available for iOS devices that promises to deliver live TV and social integration to mobile devices. It’s free to install and all of its features are ready to go — this is no Beta test. However, before you get too excited, keep in mind that Vinson is still lacking partnerships with TV providers (well, other than the Belgian “Stievie” project, which obviously won’t be of too much interest to most U.S. users). This all means that, for now, your actual viewing choices are very limited. The early hype on the Vinson app is notable in its lack of acknowledgement for how much choice we already have in TV apps. You’d never know from the Vinson coverage that the iOS and Android markets are full of Social TV and streaming video apps. However, this seeming myopia does highlight what Vinson brings more of to the table: unprecedented focus on, and control of, live TV viewing. Instead of the bland player controls that you’ll find in the vast majority of video apps, Vinson offers a sleek and swipe-optimized interface that lets your iPad do what it does best, instead of trying to shoehorn function into the form. Everything...

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Premium TV Show Smackdown: HBO vs. Showtime

HBO and Showtime reign as the top premium channels. Both networks have produced some of the most talked about original TV shows over the past 10 years and have shown no signs of stopping as their original shows continue to dominate awards rosters year after year. Sex and the City gave us an aspirational look into the sex, love, lives, and relationships of 30- somethings galavanting around the streets of Manhattan in their best Jimmy Choos, while Girls shows us a gritty, humorous, and sometimes uncomfortably realistic look inside of the lives of twenty-something girls trying to navigate the world. Weeds provided a captivating and often times addictive look into the Botwin family and made drug-dealing seem kind of, okay. Heading into its final season, viewers have watched and loved the sociopath serial killer Dexter for seven seasons. Question is: while both channels have created great shows, which show is the best? Over the next few weeks we will be running polls on our Facebook page where you will get to decide which TV show is the best. Starting … now! Vote on our Facebook page and don’t forget to like...

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If a Really Nice Person Offered Free Cable TV to All of NYC, This is How Much It Would Cost

If you were to look at the healthy bottom lines of the country’s largest cable companies, you’d think that this talk of cord-cutting is way overblown. However, the current reality of programming costs rising faster than subscription fees is making it difficult for TV divisions to keep up with other revenue sources for cable companies. Let’s break down the numbers. For a limited selection of channels such as local, government, and public access channels, the largest U.S. cable company (#1) charges subscribers $11-$20. For the second largest cable company (#2), subscribers seeking a basic package are set back $14-$18 a month. Basic cable costs subscribers $12-$17 a month with the third largest cable company (#3). All three major cable companies charge roughly $50-$60 for a first tier starter package. Costs among cable providers really start to differ as you get to the upper tiers of package offerings. Excluding premium channels such as HBO, Showtime, and Cinemax, #1 subscribers can pay anywhere from $100 to $127 a month for a Premier package, depending on the region. For subscribers with provider #3, the top tier hits the ceiling at a more modest $68-$75. If you’ve ever opened your cable bill, you know that it can be a bit more expensive than this. Want to make the most of your high definition television? An HD cable box will run you an extra...

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Will TV Product Placement Ever Replace Ad-Based Revenues for Networks?

You know the feeling: that sense of smug that you get when you own a DVR and use it to blast through the commercials that completely interrupt your favorite shows. But before you pat yourself on the back too hard, keep in mind that while you’re getting wise to advertisers, advertisers are getting wise to you. Marketers know that more people are opting out of traditional commercials, which is why product placement – especially on shows with a high DVR playback rate – are starting to infiltrate the ranks of ad revenue. Of course, some brands do it better than others. Take The Vampire Diaries on the CW, for example. The last season was shown pimping the new Windows Phone. Of course, that made sense, because the phone was integrated with texting and showing videos in the show. Teens text and share media on their phones, so the product placement was less obvious. One bust of the last season was when Ford Fusion practically purchased an entire episode of New Girl. Jessie modeled at a car show and we got to learn all about the newest Ford car – but no one really knows why. The demographic for the Fusion might have been on point, but the audience and their focus might not have been there. In the end, the product placement came off as obnoxious and oh-so obvious....

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