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Author: Jae Curtis

For Sale: What a New Hulu Owner Means for The Streaming Titan

As a pioneer in online streaming, Hulu has broken down barriers when it comes to rights and original programming. But the streaming giant has a new hill to climb — it’s looking for a new owner. Currently jointly owned by Walt Disney Company, NBCUniversal, and News Corporation, the interested party with the highest bid to buy it will take home a brand-new streaming service that has the potential to enhance their existing business. One of the most interested parties, as reported by The New York Times, is Time Warner Cable (TWC). TWC could have its eye on the service as a way to create a TV module that allows viewers to take their favorite shows with them on the go. One of Hulu’s major benefits is the ability to watch TV series as they are released — Netflix doesn’t acquire rights until a season ends completely. TWC could create a hub where subscribers have the benefit of both cable and network shows. Another company interested in acquiring the streaming service is DirecTV. The satellite provider doesn’t currently carry the rights for series and shows. The company buying Hulu would acquire these rights. As the owner, DirecTV could offer the streaming service in its current packages to help lure more subscribers and talk current customers into pricier subscriptions. AT&T has also shown interest in the streaming service and its current...

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Will Two and a Half Men Changes Make or Finally Break the Show?

It’s never a good sign when principal stars leave a show. In the case of Two and a Half Men, the writing has been on the wall for the last three years. Despite the title, the upcoming season of the show will now feature a young woman instead of Angus T. Jones. The actor who played dumb but sweet kid Jake has left, with producers deciding to replace him with a girl who will play Charlie’s daughter. Could this be the final nail in the coffin for the long-running show or will it reinstate Men at the top of...

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Biggest Game of Thrones Shockers and What to Expect Next Season

In one of the most shocking episodes of the show to date, the lead-up to the Game of Thrones finale had fans all a-twitter. Thousands took to social media to talk about the stunning revelations of the second-to-last episode of season three, appropriately dubbed “Red Wedding.” If you don’t mind some serious spoilers, check out what went down for the Starks and what it means for the future of the wildly popular show. The Starks gathered to celebrate the wedding of their dear Edmure Tully to the Frey girl that Robb was originally set to wed before falling for...

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How To Get The Best Cable TV Deals

Shopping for cable TV should be a lot like shopping for any other big-ticket item. It’s unlikely that you’d head into the car dealership and nab the first model you laid eyes on, right? Well, the same goes for subscribing to a cable provider. The best cable TV deals are there for those willing to work for them. Comparison shopping and some smooth negotiations can result in your paying thousands less over the course of your cable contract. By doing your homework, you can get the best deals and still get the best service, channels, and entertainment piped straight to your home. Shop Around Cable companies are always looking for new contracts, so there’s a good chance you get ads and circulars in your mailbox from time to time. Use those as a catalyst for comparison shopping your way through your options. Which cable providers can provide access to your home? Which have the best deals for new customers and which ones have the shortest promo periods? Do your homework so when it comes time to contact the providers, you’re already educated on what’s available — and what their competition has in store as well. Try Different Contacts Try this brilliant tip, uncovered by The Consumerist: try contacting a cable provider in a few different ways. The prices shown on the company’s website might be different than those offered...

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A la Carte Programming—A Reality for TV Watchers?

Your fight for a lower cable bill has gained an unlikely champion: Former presidential candidate John McCain has introduced a bill to require cable providers to allow a la carte programming—that is, the ability for you to pick and choose which channels you pay for. During a May 14 Senate panel, McCain cited ESPN as one of the main offenders when it came to charging cable subscribers for unused channels. The sports network makes about $5.54 from every subscriber whether they watch the channel or not. McCain argues that consumers should be able to pick only the channels they watch and not pay for the ones they do not watch. “I believe the consumers are at a tipping point when it comes to their monthly pay-TV bill,” McCain said. “In my view, the a la carte option is a non-regulatory and consumer-friendly way to provide consumers with the freedom to lower their bills and pay only for what they watch.” The idea of creating your own TV package sounds exciting, but it might not be in your best interest. If, hypothetically, each channel you choose costs $5 a month, you would get 11 channels for $55 per month—the average monthly cable bill in the U.S. A cable package at around the same price gives you hundreds of channels. There’s also the fact that certain niche channels survive because they...

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