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Author: Janette Forsythe

The Best Sound Systems for Your TV

If you’ve only ever used the built-in speakers on your TV, you don’t know what you’re missing out on. The differences a supplemental sound system can bring to your viewing experience are tremendous. Seriously, if you watch a lot of TV or movies, a good home audio setup is an investment well worth the money. And thanks to the continuous advances of modern technology, you can get a downright amazing home audio experience for a downright amazing price. When it comes to sound systems, there are a lot of options. From simple soundbars to eight-speaker setups, there’s something to...

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Best Cable TV Apps for Your Android

How to Watch TV on Your Android Nowadays you don’t need to be glued to your TV to catch up on your favorite shows—cable apps have made smartphones and tablets into great viewing devices, and cable companies provide these apps to their subscribers at no additional charge. But keep in mind that most of these apps require you to be subscribed to the provider’s internet service to unlock all the features. If you’re bundling services, this is no big deal, but if your internet and cable service come from separate companies, you might have limited channel and feature access...

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The 6 Best Universal Remotes of 2017

If you’re like most people, it’s difficult to keep from accumulating a stack of remote controls as your home tech collection expands. Fortunately, the universal-remote industry has kept up with the times, so there are several fantastic options available for those looking to consolidate. We’ve done the legwork and rounded up the best remotes on the market—keep reading to determine which remote is right for you.   What to Do Before Making Your Purchase   Get Cozy with Logitech  After looking through our list, the first thing that stands out is probably how all but one remote is from...

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