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Author: Janette Forsythe

Do I Have to Bundle Cable and Internet Service?

There’s an old joke about a man going to the store, seeing candy bars under a sign that says “$1 each or three for $5,” and grabbing three so he can get the “better deal.” It’s tempting to look at cable bundles the same way: it’s both Internet and TV together, so it must be a good bargain. But is that actually the case? The truth is, while most cable companies offer bundles that include both TV and Internet — many of which deeply discount one or more of the bundled services — most also offer comparable individual packages....

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The Future of Bundling: Can I Bundle Cable TV with My Cellphone?

Savvy consumers want to bundle offerings like TV, Internet, and home phone services into one easily manageable package. Bundles generally offer customers the convenience of combined billing, plus the advantage of discounts on monthly bills. Across the world, bundled services reached over 583 million households in 2015, and estimates show that number growing to more than 757 million homes by the end of 2020. Cellphone plans, however, aren’t taken advantage of nearly as often. Customers either don’t know that quad plays are available, or they don’t know how to see if one is available. The first step is to figure...

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The Hidden Costs of Cox Cable

Higher Monthly Bills with Cox’s Hidden Cable Costs Many consumers love the convenience of cable television. Tons of channels, interesting movies, current sporting events, and 24-hour news programming are just a few of the many benefits that cable subscribers enjoy. If only it were as much fun to get the bill. Unfortunately, some cable companies’ bills and fee structures are hard to interpret, leaving subscribers with higher-than-expected charges that can disrupt their planned monthly expenses. Cox® cable plans are no different in this regard, so consumers must be cautious as they shop around the company’s TV packages. If you’re...

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Hands Down, Mindy Lahiri is The Coolest TV Character To Hang With

I spend most of my 9-5 trying to impress people I would never socialize with outside of the office, so I’m thrilled when I get to choose who I surround myself with off the clock. This includes who I give my time to when watching TV. After all, if I wouldn’t want to grab a beer with the characters, what’s the point? I tried hanging out with Jess Day from “New Girl,” but she was way too kooky for me and Penny from “Big Bang Theory” was too much of an airhead. Olivia Pope from “Scandal”? Too put-together. I was on the verge of giving up my quest for new TV friends altogether when I stumbled upon “The Mindy Project” and Mindy Lahiri spouting the line, “I fell asleep watching the movie ‘Amélie,’ and when I woke up, I had spilled so much red wine on myself that I thought for a second that I had been shot.” It was love at first laugh. Here are five reasons I think Mindy Lahiri is the coolest chick to hang with. 1. Her body is real She’s neither rail thin nor blessed with an abnormally large yet amazing butt. You can actually see her weight fluctuate from episode to episode and she totally embraces it. Mindy confidently says it best herself: “I’m not overweight; I fluctuate between chubby and curvy.” 2....

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