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Author: Janette Forsythe

The Definitive Review of the Verizon Fios Quantum TV System

Is Verizon’s whole-home DVR system a quantum leap forward? Or will you be left wanting more?   The Facts | The Specs | Main Features | The Hardware | Interface and Experience | The Verdict   Quantum Multi-Room DVR vs the Competition Provider Simu. Recordings Storage Hours of HD/SD Cost/month Hopper 3 DISH 16 2 TB 500/2,000 $15.00/month The Genie (HR-44) DIRECTV 5 1 TB 200/800 $15.00/month TiVo T6 RCN/DIRECTV 6 1 TB 150/1,000 $9.95/month X1 Comcast 6 500 GB 100/400 $9.95/month Quantum Multi-Room DVR Verizon Fios 12 1 TB 200/800 $26.00/month   What Is a Verizon Fios Quantum TV...

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Television Provider Comparison: Optimum vs. Verizon FiOS

At a Glance Type of Service Cable Fiber Channel Count 620/165 HD 425+/140 HD Price $64.95–$109.95/month $64.99–$89.99/month Equipment Fees $10/month Up to $32/month Installation Fee Yes Starts at $90 Contract None None Customer Satisfaction 3.26/5 3.66/5 Packages View Optimum Plans View Verizon Fios Plans Data effective 2/15/2017. Pricing and speeds are subject to change. Not all offers are available in all areas. You know what you want—great, reliable TV with plenty of choice and flexibility at an affordable price. The hard part is figuring out which provider can deliver on those expectations. That’s where the team at can...

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The Best Sound Systems for Your TV

If you’ve only ever used the built-in speakers on your TV, you don’t know what you’re missing out on. The differences a supplemental sound system can bring to your viewing experience are tremendous. Seriously, if you watch a lot of TV or movies, a good home audio setup is an investment well worth the money. And thanks to the continuous advances of modern technology, you can get a downright amazing home audio experience for a downright amazing price. When it comes to sound systems, there are a lot of options. From simple soundbars to eight-speaker setups, there’s something to...

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Best Cable TV Apps for Your Android

How to Watch TV on Your Android Nowadays you don’t need to be glued to your TV to catch up on your favorite shows—cable apps have made smartphones and tablets into great viewing devices, and cable companies provide these apps to their subscribers at no additional charge. But keep in mind that most of these apps require you to be subscribed to the provider’s internet service to unlock all the features. If you’re bundling services, this is no big deal, but if your internet and cable service come from separate companies, you might have limited channel and feature access...

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Best Cable TV Apps for Your iPhone

How to watch cable TV on the go with your iPhone Cable apps offer extra features to people with an existing cable subscription. However, many of them also require you to subscribe to the provider’s internet service to unlock all the features. If you’re bundling your services, this won’t be a problem. But if you’re not bundling, know that you’re going to miss out on some things. For example, often you can’t access the full TV channel lineup without being on the provider’s internet connection. For the iPhone, TV apps tend to fall into three major categories: cable provider...

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