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Author: Janette Forsythe

Best Cable TV Apps for Your Android

How to Watch TV on Your Android Nowadays you don’t need to be glued to your TV to catch up on your favorite shows—cable apps have made smartphones and tablets into great viewing devices, and cable companies provide these apps to their subscribers at no additional charge. But keep in mind that most of these apps require you to be subscribed to the provider’s internet service to unlock all the features. If you’re bundling services, this is no big deal, but if your internet and cable service come from separate companies, you might have limited channel and feature access...

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DIRECTV vs. Optimum

Should you choose DIRECTV or Optimum as your TV service provider? We’ve got a wealth of reviews and expert knowledge at our fingertips to draw comparisons, break down where each provider excels, and give you plenty of at-a-glance information so you can choose a package and a provider that’ll fit your priorities

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Do I Have to Bundle Cable and Internet Service?

There’s an old joke about a man going to the store, seeing candy bars under a sign that says “$1 each or three for $5,” and grabbing three so he can get the “better deal.” It’s tempting to look at cable bundles the same way: it’s both Internet and TV together, so it must be a good bargain. But is that actually the case? The truth is, while most cable companies offer bundles that include both TV and Internet — many of which deeply discount one or more of the bundled services — most also offer comparable individual packages....

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Want to Change Cable TV Providers? Here are Some Alternatives to Cox

The relationship between cable providers — many of which also offer phone and Internet service — and their customers can be tumultuous. While a family may enjoy the entertainment that quality programming can bring to their lives, actually dealing with a cable TV company can make even the most patient of consumers want to pull their hair out. Unannounced billing increases, missed appointments, and less-than-helpful customer service are just a few scenarios that drive cable customers to new levels of frustration. The good news is making a switch may be easier than it seems. If you’re currently a Cox...

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