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Author: John Dilley

The Most Popular Video Games in the World

What’s your country’s favorite video game? Data not available for all countries.  From Pong to Overwatch, the astounding growth of video games has spawned an industry. First commercialized in the early 1970s, video games have since grown into big business, generating over $90 billion in revenue in 2016 alone. As games jockey for positions across platforms and genres, some become fan favorites, while for others it’s game over. Everyone has their favorite FPS (First Person Shooter), RTS (Real-Time Strategy), or RPG (Role Playing Game), but could your taste in video games relate to your location on the globe? We...

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The Definitive Review of the Whole House DVR from Time Warner Cable

The Enhanced Whole House DVR integrates all the TVs in your house that are connected to your legacy Time Warner service, giving you the power to watch shows recorded on your DVR from any TV in your house. The following review will answer any questions you may have about your Whole House DVR. It will also explain the ongoing changes you can expect as Time Warner Cable continues to make the brand transition to Spectrum. Important Update! The Enhanced Whole House DVR system is no longer offered by Time Warner Cable since the company’s recent transition to Spectrum. Only...

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Which NBA Finals Player Is Your State Watching?

As the world watches the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors face off in a historic third straight NBA Finals, the stars of the game will be shining brightly. This year’s Finals feature seven current NBA All-Stars, who comprise 70% of the projected Finals starters. With so many talented players on the floor, we wanted to know who America will be watching the closest. Using Google search data from the past twelve months, we discovered which player in the NBA Finals is garnering the most interest in each state. Love them or hate them, these are the players...

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DISH vs. DIRECTV: Who is the Best Satellite TV Provider

Welcome to the best satellite TV guide on the internet. The star ratings used in this guide come from’s 2016 Provider Customer Satisfaction Survey. If you’ve ever wondered how to find the best satellite TV providers in your area for the way you watch TV, the answer is Comparing the Best Satellite TV ProvidersType of ServiceSatelliteType of ServiceSatelliteChannel CountUp to 290+ HDChannel CountUp to 325+/200+ HDPrice$39.99–$79.99 per month for two yearsPrice$50–$125 per month for one yearEquipment Fees$10 per monthEquipment FeesIncluded (Genie DVR and up to three additional receivers)Installation FeeNoneInstallation FeeNoneContract2 yearsContract2 yearsCustomer Satisfaction3.61/5Customer Satisfaction3.63/5View DISH PlansView DIRECTV...

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The Definitive Review of the XFINITY® X1 Platform from Comcast

Does the XFINITY X1’s entertainment operating system transform TV? XFINITY by Comcast claims the X1’s next generation platform will “change the way you experience TV”? At Cable TV, we wanted to dig into the details of Comcast’s cloud DVR to determine if that was truth or hype.  Our verdict? The X1 does offer a fantastic integrated viewing experience focused on Netflix, sports, and on demand HD. The platform specifically shines on the go, where the mobile app serves up one of the best user-friendly interfaces on the market. But the X1 lacks luster in some very basic equipment specs,...

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