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Author: John Dilley

When’s the Best Time to Buy a TV?

The best time to buy a TV will vary based on whether you want the latest and greatest model or simply the best price. Either way, finding a good deal on a TV depends nearly as much on when you buy as what you buy.

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America’s 19 Favorite Horror Movies

The United States of A-scare-ica Clearly modern Americans love a good horror movie, but the movies that stoke their fears the most depend on which state they live in. Some movies are home runs across the country, like the 2017 remake of It—now the highest-grossing R-rated horror movie of all time—while others maintain their popularity within a single state. Our team at took the IGN list of the top twenty-five horror movies and used Google Trends data to see which films captured the attention of which states. We also conducted a survey about when people start watching scary...

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