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Author: Kimberly Ripley

The Most Appropriate Way Glee Should Handle Cory Monteith’s Death

Cory Monteith, star of the hit TV show Glee, has left a huge hole in the hearts of his family, friends, and colleagues after passing away in mid-July. In dealing with the death of Cory Monteith, Glee has a very sensitive situation on its hands. Cynically, some believe his death will mean a huge ratings boost for the show, while others think it’s best if the producers don’t address it at all. ABC News writer Alex Alvarez says, “So here’s how they can deal with Monteith’s surprising death. Don’t.” The producers believe Cory’s return to the show, which was scheduled to begin production next week, would have already drawn fans because it would have been his first appearance since leaving rehab. Alvarez makes the point that the show isn’t responsible for helping fans grieve, and if they decide to deal with Monteith’s death by having his character, Finn Hudson, also die, it risks being insensitive to cast mates. Ultimately, says Alvarez, the show isn’t sophisticated enough to do it tastefully. A recent episode touched on school shootings, and it divided critics and the audience with its heavy handedness and “issue of the week” approach to a problem that was making headlines just months after the events at Sandy Hook Elementary School. According to some sources, the show’s writers have been attending emergency meetings to discuss how to handle Monteith’s...

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How Cote de Pablo’s NCIS Departure Will Affect Gibbs and His Team

The Cote de Pablo NCIS departure is certain to make a huge difference on the hit CBS show, at least during the first few episodes after she leaves. In addition to likely affecting the lives of the cast and crew on the NCIS set, it will definitely cause big changes in the show’s story lines. How Will Ziva David Be Written Out? Though she only recently made her intentions known, de Pablo assured fans and producers that she intends to fulfill her obligation in her role as Ziva David. That, of course, leaves fans wondering exactly how Ziva will be written out of NCIS. Will she return to her native Israel? Will she leave NCIS for a less dangerous career? Or will she suffer the fate of former NCIS Special Agent Caitlin ‘Kate’ Todd (Sasha Alexander), who was shot and killed in the season two finale? While certainly no one wants to think of Ziva meeting Kate’s fate, it would cause the show’s ratings to soar. Of course, if the producers want to leave any kind of window open for a possible return, they won’t be able to kill Ziva off. This isn’t Days of Our Lives, after all. People don’t often come back from the dead on NCIS. Do please note the use of the word “often.” Reaction to Her Departure De Pablo issued a statement announcing her...

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Why Everyone Is Raving About Under The Dome

Under the Dome is sure to add some serious sizzle to summer TV. One of Stephen King’s longest novels has been adapted for the small screen, and it certainly seems like it’s headed for a huge success. Mirroring some of the ideas found in his lengthy novel The Stand, King has utilized technology and military involvement to add even more intrigue to this series. The Cast Nothing kills summer TV faster than a bland cast of characters, but you won’t find any of those in Under the Dome. In fact, the town of Chester’s Mill, Maine, is full of interesting locals that run the gamut from small-town charmer to intellectual geek and just about everything in between. The very sexy Mike Vogel stars as Dale “Barbie” Barbara, and it’s expected that not too far into the series there will be some incredible sexual tension between him and costar Rachelle Lefevre, who plays investigative reporter Julia Shumway. Of course, there is a lot of additional intrigue as Julia tries to figure out what’s behind the mystery that brought Barbie to Chester’s Mill, as well as the mystery of where her philandering husband has gone. Jeff Fahey starred as Howard “Duke” Perkins—the town’s beloved sheriff—who sadly only survived through episode one and part of episode two. Deputy Linda Esquivel (Natalie Martinez), who loves her job and loved Duke like a father,...

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