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Author: Kaz Weida

Your State’s Favorite Rom-Com Movie

Which Rom-Com Is Your State in Love With? As the winter of our discontent settles in, Americans turn to love to keep us warm. Viewers definitely have a thing for the quirky relationships that are standard romantic comedy fare, where happy endings come with a side of adorable. Here at, we’re also totally into laughable love stories, and we wondered if certain parts of the country are more obsessed with some titles than others. What rom-com is the United States lovesick over? Apparently, we’re turning green with envy over Pretty in Pink, the throwback Molly Ringwald classic that...

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Most Popular Bachelor Contestant by State

Who goes home and who gets their happily ever after? Your state weighs in. Raven vs. Vanessa As The Bachelor comes into the home stretch of its twenty-first season (Yikes—this reality show is officially legal drinking age. Go home, Bachelor. You’re drunk!), the competition is getting fierce. Last week, bachelor Nick Viall—twice shunned, but not shy about the spotlight—sent home yet another contestant who was so devastated that she promptly fell asleep in the limo. But if there’s one thing Nick has proved, it’s that the third time’s the charm, so keep your chin up, Corrine. With the finale on the...

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Most Popular Disney Channel Original Movie by State (Map)

What Disney Original TV Does Your State Tune Into? Some things just feed our nostalgia: sugary breakfast cereal, childhood toys, our favorite cartoons. And oh, hello there, Disney Channel Original Movies. These made for TV originals are peak ‘90s film vehicles that have launched dozens of young actors to instant stardom. We’re looking at you, Zac Efron. Here at CableTV, we decided to take a trip down memory lane to determine which Disney movie each state is still, like, totally into (insert hair flip). Drum roll, please. What were the clear favorites across the country? The Luck of the...

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