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Author: Lindsay Cronin

EXCLUSIVE: The Lucas Brothers on “Friends of the People” and Stand Up Comedy

Keith and Kenny Lucas are quickly making a name for themselves in the comedy world. In addition to their animated series on FXX, “Lucas Bros. Moving Co.,” the brothers recently embarked on a weekly sketch comedy for TruTV, “Friends of the People.” The Lucas Brothers spoke with CableTV this week about their experiences in the comedy industry, their upcoming projects, and the recent honor of being named on the list of Variety’s 10 Comics to Watch of 2014. When did you guys start working together? Kenny: We started in December 2009. That was our first open mic together. Then,...

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Deena Cortese on “Jersey Shore” Regrets & Life After “Couples Therapy”

A photo posted by Deena (@deenanicolemtv) on Oct 10, 2014 at 8:47pm PDT Nearly two years after the final episode of the reality series “Jersey Shore,” Deena Cortese is back on television. But this time, she isn’t hitting the clubs with her fellow meatball – she’s seeking relationship counseling with her boyfriend, Chris Buckner. Last week, Cortese spoke to CableTV via email about her time on the VH1 reality series, “Couples Therapy.” On the series, she and Buckner, along with several other couples, worked with Dr. Jenn Berman to better their relationship. How did the opportunity to appear on “Couples...

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Screenwriter Gary Goldstein Discusses Success and His New Hallmark Movies

Gary Goldstein spoke with CableTV, via email, on Friday, sharing his views on what it takes to achieve success in Hollywood, as well as exclusive details about his latest movies. Goldstein is an LA-based screenwriter and playwright, whose projects include “The Wish List,” “Politics of Love” and even an episode of “Saved by the Bell.” His latest movies, “Along Came a Nanny” and “My Boyfriends’ Dogs,” premiere this month on Hallmark. How do you continue to stay inspired?  I love being a writer and telling stories, so that’s my inspiration.  And certainly, the more opportunities you have to tell those stories, the more you want to continue sharing them. Is there anyone in particular you’ve worked for who stands out above the rest? Well, I’ve definitely enjoyed working with the folks at Hallmark Channel; they’re amazingly supportive.  Also the various producers and directors I’ve had the good fortune to work with on each of my films for the network.  These last two films have both been great experiences due in no small part to Marcy Gross and Ann Weston, who produced “My Boyfriends’ Dogs,” and Barbara Fisher, who produced “Along Came a Nanny.”  All are wonderfully smart, kind and collaborative women.  I also loved working with Michael Scott who directed “Nanny” and also directed my 2012 Hallmark movie “Hitched for the Holidays.”  Any writer would be lucky to have...

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“The Good Wife” Star Mike Colter on Lemond Bishop’s Relationships and Details on Season Six

On “The Good Wife,” Mike Colter plays Lemond Bishop, a powerful drug dealer in Chicago, who is both a ruthless criminal and a loving father. Colter chatted with CableTV yesterday, dishing about his character on “The Good Wife,” and revealing what is in store for season six of the show. Where do we see Lemond Bishop in season six?  Lemond Bishop in season six is going to take an intricate part in Alicia’s life. Right now, we see him having some interaction with Cary, because Cary has been implemented in this drug case. He’s been arrested and put in jail and Lemond Bishop has been alerted to the fact that Cary is being held on $1.3 million bail. Lemond tried to offer the money, but they tried to find out where the money came from and the money was taken back. Cary was kept in jail and released recently, but he’s on bail and has a trial that’s pending. Meanwhile, there is an informant that was supposedly working for the federal government that was in Lemond’s camp and then disappeared. We see Lemond questioning Kalinda about her knowledge of the informant. Lemond wants to know who it is so he can figure out what to do with it, but she also needs that informant to stay alive. If the informant is gone, they can’t help Cary because they need...

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EXCLUSIVE: Natalie Guercio on “Mob Wives” Season 5

Loading View on Instagram Natalie Guercio made her reality debut on the fourth season of “Mob Wives” and soon, she’ll be returning to the series for its fifth season. “This season it is definitely going to be insanely crazier then last year!” Guercio revealed to CableTV in an email interview. ”Friends that became enemies will never be friends again, jealousy and insecurities are at an all time high, lines that shouldn’t be crossed are. Two 2-legged rats are worse than a 4-legged rat and once your family is a rat, you’re a rat.” »TWEET THIS« Ahead of the new...

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