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Author: Lindsay Cronin

Kendra Wilkinson Needs to Get On with Her Life

Kendra Wilkinson reportedly took Hank Baskett back after his alleged affair with a transsexual model. If the reports are true, I think she’s making a big mistake. Wilkinson is a beautiful and successful woman, and I feel she’s lowering her standards if she chooses to stay with Baskett. After all, he cheated on her while she was pregnant with their second child. I understand she wants to believe her husband, especially for their children, but it’s hard to look past the evidence. The transsexual Baskett allegedly cheated with, Ava Sabrina London, took a lie detector test – and passed....

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Who Fans Miss and Are Having a Fine Time Living Without on “Grey’s Anatomy”

Over the years, we’ve said goodbye to a lot of “Grey’s Anatomy” cast members. Ahead of the 11th season premiere of the series, CableTV is looking back at the former cast members and deciding if we miss them or not. Dr. Christina Yang (Sandra Oh) After playing Christina Yang for nearly 10 years, Oh’s character was written out of the show. Following news of her exit, Oh’s co-star, James Pickens Jr., referred to Dr. Yang as an “independent yet vulnerable” and “competitive yet caring.” In 2011, Yang made the “Philly Magazine” list of 10 Best Doctors on Television. According to the magazine, Yang was a “total bada**” and “straight shooter.” Yang also appeared on Comcast’s list of TV’s Most Intriguing Characters. On the show, Dr. Yang was not just a great doctor. She was a good friend, partner and role model. She embraced all the qualities we each strive for — she was loyal, motivated, strong and focused. Dr. Yang is MISSED. Dr. Mark Sloan (Eric Dane) Fans said goodbye to Dane’s character, Dr. Mark Sloan, aka McSteamy, after the show’s ninth season. Dr. Mark Sloan was the unofficial bad boy of the series. While he made some questionable decisions during his time on “Grey’s Anatomy,” including an affair with his friend’s wife, Dr. Lexie Grey (Chyler Leigh), you couldn’t help but want to tame him. He was also...

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Scott Disick: Wild One or Family Man?

Scott Disick has a third child on the way, but unfortunately, he isn’t acting like family man. A source claimed Disick was “out-of-sorts” during an August appearance at the Foxwoods Resort Casino’s Liquid Sundays. In an interview with “In Touch Weekly,” the source said Disick was “blackout drunk” the night before his appearance and “exhausted and rough” the next day. Weeks later, Kourtney Kardashian left town without Disick for a short vacation with their two kids, Mason and Penelope. Kardashian “looked very happy, and didn’t seem to mind that Scott wasn’t there,” a source told Radar Online. “In fact,...

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“Bachelor in Paradise” Couples: Where Are They Now?

Did any “Bachelor in Paradise” couples make it past the show’s finale? They sure did! In fact, one couple is engaged and the other is planning for a possibly televised wedding. Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul Grodd and Faddoul got engaged during the finale last week. Grodd knew Faddoul was the one and professed his love for her in a previous episode. Then, during their finale fantasy date, Faddoul told Grodd he was everything she’s ever wanted. Before heading to the rose ceremony, where Lacy surely expected to receive a rose, Grodd asked her for a minute alone and...

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“Chrisley Knows Best” Season 2 Spoilers

The Chrisley family is returning to USA in October. Ahead of the exciting premiere, CableTV rounded up a few details regarding what we can expect in the upcoming season. The “Chrisley Knows Best” cast will be seen in their family home, engaging in all the dramatic situations and silly banter fans love. Todd will be parenting in his signature way, which involves a lot of sarcasm and, at times, brutal honesty. Julie will be off being the sweet, Southern belle we love, and their kids will be pushing the limits with their dating, driving and general behavior. “Look forward to them out of Atlanta, but still in their element,” producer Stephanie Bloch Chambers said. “Seeing them a little bit of a fish out of water, but not too much.” Although it has yet to be announced where the Chrisleys will be, we know Kyle’s daughter, Chloe, will be part of the fun. Chase, who turns 18 during season two, will be trying to find his independence, but struggling to realize what that entails. Sure, not having to answer to someone, specifically his father, sounds terrific, but what about the other side of independence, which includes bills and other responsibilities? Is he ready for that? Savannah will be dating without her dad for the first time. Will it be what she thought it would be? Will Todd really be able...

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