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Author: Lindsay Cronin

Extreme Measures: What Nick Jonas and Others Have Done for a Role

In the last several years, there have been many actors who have gone the extra mile, either gaining or losing weight before beginning their projects. 1. Nick Jonas One of the most recent celebrities to make a body transformation is a Jonas brother, who is playing an MMA fighter for a series coming to DIRECTV this fall. For “Kingdom,” which premieres in October, Jonas bulked up to make his character more believable. “I gained about 15 pounds of muscle for the role,” Jonas told E! News. “I really wanted to look like an animal who internalizes a lot, but...

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Jaime Primak Sullivan on “Jersey Belle,” Comparisons to Bethenny Frankel and Reality TV

Jaime Primak Sullivan will make her reality television debut in “Jersey Belle” next week, a series which chronicles her “attempts to fit into a world not used to an unapologetic and outspoken woman,” following her 2006 marriage to Mountain Brook’s Michael Sullivan. As the founder and president of Bridge and Tunnel Entertainment, a PR and strategic marketing agency, which has worked on several major events, including P. Diddy’s White Party and Jamie Foxx’s Grammy Party, Sullivan is a busy woman. Judging by the show’s official trailer, he schedule doesn’t always jive with Alabama’s crowd. However, it does lead to an interesting dynamic between Sullivan and her co-stars. In an email interview with CableTV, Sullivan opened up about her new gig in reality TV and explained what fans can expect from her and the rest of the cast. “The concept of ‘Jersey Belle’ is so fresh and fun, and the situational comedy comes from such a real place – that’s what will really carry the series,” Sullivan said. On the show, fans will watch as Sullivan, a New Jersey native, adjusts to life with her husband and new friends in a town where she sometimes feels like “a fish out of water.” “[Michael] is especially delicious and entertaining just for the mere fact that he chose me as his partner because we are on total opposite ends of most spectrums,”...

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EXCLUSIVE: Blair Redford on his “Satisfaction” Character and the Modern-Day Issues the Show Addresses

Blair Redford spoke exclusively with CableTV via email about his role on USA’s “Satisfaction.” “Satisfaction” follows a married couple who embark on a series of unconventional choices after their marriage failed to satisfy, and Redford plays the role of one of those choices. Simon (Redford) is a male escort who Grace (Stephanie Szostak) hires after they meet at a bar. Grace is looking to carry out an extramarital affair in hopes of finding what makes her happy. The series follows Simon and Grace as their paid for affair and a friendship develops. “I was hooked from page one actually,” Redford said. “It opened with an inner monologue from our lead character, Neil, that expressed original perspective comparing ancient worldly philosophies to current realities. Then, when I got to Simon’s (my character) part, I knew I wanted in on the project.” Redford, who is known for his previous roles on “Passions,” “90210” and “The Lying Game,” says he dedicated himself to putting a unique spin on the idea of a male escort. “As actors, we are always looking to portray interesting and unique people,” Redford said. “I’d say ‘male escort’ is definitely categorized as such. But I think there were a lot of pit falls one could step into with the character making it very one dimensional. You hear ‘escort’ or think about all the infidelity he is a part...

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Next Cast for Season 7 of “Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles”

“Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles” is returning to Bravo next month with two new realtors, David Parnes and James Harris. Following the show’s sixth season, realtor Madison Hildebrand quit the series, leaving Josh Flagg and Josh Altman, as well as an empty spot. However, instead of filling that one spot, producers chose to bring two more cast members aboard for the upcoming season. “Joining Altman and Flagg in season seven are James Harris and David Parnes, a pair of British business partners who will prove to be major competition,” E! News reported. “With their firm, Bond Street Partners, grossing...

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EXCLUSIVE: Kathy Wakile Discusses Her Role on “The Real Housewives of New Jersey”

Get the SlimPlate System & get your #BeachBody. Real Food, No sacrifice! #PortionControl Visit — Kathy Wakile (@KathyWakile) June 14, 2014   Kathy Wakile recently returned to “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” for the show’s sixth season, but things were different this time around. In addition to having three new cast members and losing two former ones, Wakile and her family embarked on a new role for the show’s current installment, which she discussed exclusively with CableTV via email. “I am happy to be back in the capacity I signed up for since it gives me...

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