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Author: Lindsay Cronin

EXCLUSIVE: “The Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” Stars Dorothy Wang, Morgan Stewart and Roxy Sowlaty Discuss S2

“The Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” are returning to E! next month for their second season, and ahead of the big premiere, they spoke with CableTV via email about what is to come. In a new interview, Dorothy Wang, Morgan Stewart and Roxy Sowlaty talked to us exclusively about season two, their relationships and their ongoing business endeavors. “I think this season will show a different, deeper side to all of us,” Wang told CableTV. “While the glitz and glam of our lives is still present – it’s definitely not all fun and games anymore. You will see us each go through our own personal struggles, whether it be in our careers, friendships or relationships.” “Season two is a game changer!” Stewart said. “This season is totally different from the first. You really get to know us as individuals and very much go on a journey with us this time around.” During season two, fans will get to see more of each cast members’ personal lives, but their friendships, which began years ago, are a big part as well. As Sowlaty revealed, she and the cast have been “best friends for years.” In fact, she and Brendan Fitzpatrick (Morgan’s boyfriend) have been friends since second grade, and Sowlaty met Morgan (who she hasn’t gone a day without speaking to since they met) and Wang during her freshman year in...

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Michelle DeShon Dishes on her Guitar-Playing Character in “Satisfaction”

Michelle DeShon recently landed the role of 16-year-old Anika Truman on “Satisfaction,” but it didn’t come easy. When she arrived at her audition, DeShon discovered the other girls trying out had guitars and they were all expected to sing a song. Because DeShon wasn’t anticipating either of those things, she went into panic mode but got through it and sang a song she heard on the radio on the way there. From there, she was forced to learn more music, which she did with the help of a friend. “I borrowed my 10-year-old neighbor’s play guitar and I learned a song on YouTube and took seven lessons in five days and learned a song,” DeShon said. “It’s cool that I get to learn guitar.” On the show, Anika uses her music as a way to escape and express herself, and at times, it comes back to bite her. In one scene from the first episode, Anika exposes two of her teachers who are having an affair during a school talent show and faces the repercussions from her principal. Meanwhile, Anika’s parents’ marriage is spiraling out of control. Luckily, Anika doesn’t seem to notice the drama going on around her. “I don’t think she’s consciously aware, but that’s one thing that’s cool about the music,” DeShon said. ”It kind of seeps into her songs and everything that is going on...

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Stephanie Szostak Shares Details on Her “Satisfaction” Character and Hopes for the Audience

Stephanie Szostak plays Grace Truman in the upcoming USA drama, “Satisfaction.” Grace seems to have it all, including the perfect husband and daughter and idealistic home. But even with all this, she isn’t happy. Grace needs more and, on a night out with her girlfriends, she finds it with a male escort. After hiring the man to sleep with her, Grace gets her groove back and begins exploring a new lifestyle, both with her escort and in her career. Szostak dished about her character and revealed her hopes for those tuning in at home. “I wouldn’t call it a midlife crisis because I think that implies, ‘Oh I’m getting older and I’m afraid of getting older and I want to hold on to what I had when I was younger,’” Szostak said. “I think it’s more of an awakening. It’s that stage where, especially women, can be … You’re devoted, you’re a mother, you’re a wife and all of the sudden you’re like, ‘Oh my gosh, who am I?’ That’s where she’s at and it’s amazing to get the chance to play that and see the catalyst for her to get this freedom back.” Grace put her career on hold after having her first child, Anika. Despite having a scholarship to study in Florence, Italy, Grace wanted to focus on being a mother, but once her daughter began doing...

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Kathy Griffin Banned From Several TV Shows

Kathy Griffin is one of the most outspoken female comedians of our time, so it’s no surprise that she’s managed to make a few enemies throughout her career. But it doesn’t end with other celebs not liking her; she’s got a list of shows that have banned her from making any appearance. Griffin is banned from “The View,” “The Ellen Degeneres Show,” “Today,” “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” and “The Late Show with David Letterman.” According to Neon Tommy, Griffin has a habit of taking off her clothes and cussing up a storm, which is a big no-no....

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Matt Passmore and Katherine LaNasa Discuss USA’s New Series, “Satisfaction”

After four seasons starring on A&E’s “The Glades,” Matt Passmore is embarking on an exciting new project that is sure to keep fans on the edge of their seats. As the show begins, fans are taken into the lives of Neil and Grace Truman, a married couple who have hit a rough point in their marriage. Although they seem to have it all, they want more and they aren’t afraid to go out and get it. Following a series of unconventional decisions, Neil finds himself taking on the role of the male escort who his wife previously paid for sex. As Neil juggles his double life, so is his wife. “They really start to walk on a tightrope, but what they don’t realize is that they are on the same one,” Passmore said about the two characters. The concept of the series is certainly unexpected and not something fans are used to seeing, but Passmore, for one, couldn’t be happier to be part of the new cable series. “As a show, it takes the pressure off,” Passmore said. “A show like this, you kind of know, will get its run through. Normally these cable TV shows, being 10-13 episodes, they open up the rest of the year for other stuff and it’s just a nice amount of time. On cable, you can tell stories that you get to survive...

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