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Author: Lisa Fowler

Danny Castellano of “The Mindy Project” Sets the Record Straight

  Hey, Danny Castellano here—partner at Shulman & Associates, renowned OBGYN, life-long New Yorker, and Mindy Lahiri’s boyfriend. I’ve come across these articles about Mindy being the coolest chick on TV and I feel like I need to set the record straight a little bit. Mindy’s a lot of things. She’s absolutely adorable; like when she thinks I don’t notice her sneak back into the kitchen after we’ve eaten dinner and consume another meatball in one bite. She’s an incredibly intelligent and compassionate doctor; did you know she graduated from Columbia? And she is a sexy woman (those curves!)...

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If Real Wives Were Treated Like TV Wives It Would Look Like This – WATCH

Wives of some of TV’s most notorious criminals and psychopaths have received a lot of unnecessary hatred from viewers. While TV husbands are out drunkenly philandering and building drug fueled empires, their careful wives are labeled rigid, boring and ensue fan anger across the internet. What if real wives were treated with the same cruel and bitter criticism as TV wives? Funny or Die set out to find the answer. The Internet's Problem with TV Wives – watch more funny videos Find Lisa on...

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Experience ‘The Walking Dead’ alongside the Premiere

It was a cold day in January when we, here at CableTV, asked our Facebook fans which show they would most like to have an infographic about. We were making bets that the show our fans and readers would choose would be Game of Thrones. Welp, we were wrong. Almost 60,000 of you answered our poll, and with an overwhelming majority of 20,457 votes, The Walking Dead was the show you most wanted to see as an infographic. This excited us all. ZOMBIES! Yes! The challenge: there are quite a few Walking Dead infographics out there, what could we...

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3 Things are Guaranteed in Life: Death, Taxes, and Disney [INFOGRAPHIC]

Disney has positioned itself to be successful in a wide array of markets, from entertaining kids with cartoon animals to playing the venture capital game. It’s no surprise why Disney acquired companies like LucasFilms, ABC, and Marvel, to name a few, but some surprising acquisitions are companies like GoPro (the famous helmet camera company) and the online photo hosting company, Photobucket. Disney has come a long way from its small mousey origins. Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio started in 1923 by Walt and Roy Disney (wait, Roy?). Today it has grown into the largest media conglomerate worldwide by revenue and...

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Game of Thrones Characters You Love to Hate

  Get involved! Vote for which Game of Thrones character you love to hate the most, here. Game of Thrones is popular because it’s well-written and well-acted. If no conflict existed between some of the characters, it would be boring and we’d soon lose interest. In fact, we’d change the channel in search of a decent conflict we can wrap our emotions around. That said, here’s a look at the Game of Thrones characters we all love to hate. Viserys Targaryen Known as “The Beggar King,” Viserys, played by actor Harry Lloyd, is the consummate dick among men. He’s...

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