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Author: Mandy Robinson

Exciting Spoilers From the 100th Episode of “Glee”

“Glee” just started back with new shows and their big 100th episode is coming soon and it’s sure to be one you don’t want to miss. Check out the roundup of what all you can expect below. Dianna Agron will be back again, but the best part is who she will be locking lips with on this episode. Chase Crawford of “Gossip Girl” will be one of the special guests and Dianna will even share a kiss with him. She called them “baby kisses,” though, so don’t expect things to get too wild. Chase’s character is considered a bit of a bad boy and won’t be singing on the show. Gwyneth Paltrow is back again and will be singing. One song she does is in a ’70s outfit with Dianna Argron and Lea Michelle. Kristen Chenoweth is also back and will sing “Happy” with several other cast members. She will also sing “Total Eclipse of the Heart” with Matthew Morrison (Will). This will be the last of the episodes in Liam. They are moving the show to New York City after the big special. Artie, Sam, and Blain are all moving to New York City and will stay on the show. They will still be filming a lot of it in LA, but it will all be set in NYC for the rest of this season and also next...

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“Once Upon a Time” Season 3 Spoiler Roundup: The Wicked Witch is Coming

“Once Upon a Time” is coming back to ABC on March 9 and the rest of season three is going to be a wild one. The biggest spoiler that has been revealed is that The Wicked Witch of the West is coming and will be played by Rebecca Mader. She is best known by fans for her time on the hit series “Lost.” This is her first time on the show and fans know this is going to come with a lot of drama. It is all about evil vs. evil when she goes up against Regina. Check out the big spoilers for the end of season three. Emma is not charmed easily by Hook in the real world. They got along very well in the fantasy world, but that isn’t going to be the case when he comes to find her and Henry in New York City. He will somehow convince her to go out to dinner with him though. He is going to try to jog her memory because she has forgotten everything. Regina and the Wicked Witch have a huge rivalry. The rest of season three will be about these two against each other and it is going to be a big rivalry. It will be interesting to see if both make it out of season three alive. Of course there will be flying monkeys coming...

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Scheana Marie Gives “Vanderpump Rules” Reunion Details in Exclusive Interview

“Vanderpump Rules” on Bravo is just finishing up its explosive second season, which was full of drama and tears. Next up is a two part reunion special that will let fans in on how things are now. CableTV got the chance to talk to Scheana Marie this week on the phone about how it all goes down. Of course she isn’t allowed to share many spoilers, but she did reveal a few things that are pretty interesting. Scheana has been in full on wedding planning mode recently and is doing great with her fiance, Mike Shay. She said “Mike makes a small cameo at the end of the reunion show.” Of course all of the main cast members were there for the entire thing. The show wrapped up filming in August but this reunion show just filmed at the end of January. There were a lot of hurt feelings and things that had to be discussed still. Scheana Marie said “The updates you see on the reunion are updates to how we are living our lives now.” She is still working at SUR and happy with her fiance. She even teased that a wedding special about the couple would be boring because they don’t have drama. “All you would see is us sitting at home on the couch working on save the date cards. There would be no drama...

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“The Bachelor” Couples: Where Are They Now?

The Bachelor has made the month of January Juan-ary with a new episode every Sunday night, ranging from Trista and Ryan’s vow renewals to the big premiere of the new season of The Bachelor, featuring the ever popular Juan Pablo Galavis. With all of the talk about seeing beloved former couples from the show throughout the month, fans are looking back at the couples of the past we love. So, we wanted to find out what they’re all up to.  Ryan and Trista Sutter Trista is from season one of The Bachelorette. This couple has been married 10 years, live in Colorado, and will be renewing their vows during one of the specials in January. They have two children named Max and Blakelesy. They will also be on a new series that will air next summer called Marriage Boot Camp.  Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici These two are living in Texas together and enjoying their lives. They have continued to not live together and are also waiting to have sex until the big day. They will actually be getting married on ABC on January 26 in a big special that you won’t want to miss. Her dad is walking her down the aisle and the event should be full of past contestants of the show. They are one of the few The Bachelor couples that have made it work. Jason and...

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‘The Bachelor’ 2014 Turns January Into Juan-uary with Specials All Month: Check out Spoilers Here

“The Bachelor” 2014 is coming in January and fans of this show are excited about the premiere. Juan Pablo Galavis is now the one handing out roses and looking for love. ABC has decided to make sure that fans are watching this show twice a week by including a special every single Sunday in January along with their regular show on Mondays each week. January 5 and 6 It all starts out with the big premiere. It will be on Jan. 5 and 6. The first special airs on Jan. 5 and is called “The Bachelor: Countdown to Juan Pablo.” This is the one where you get to meet him and his daughter. The interesting part will be that you will get to meet the girls too. Normally they only show a few of the introduction videos during the premiere episode but this way you will get to see a lot more of the girls trying to find love. Then on Monday Jan. 6 they will air the big premiere episode. On the regular episode, viewers get to see the women come out of the limos. Spoilers are already out and one woman even shows up with a pretend baby bump. Lauren doesn’t use the limo and instead rides up on a piano bike. Sharleen will get the first impression rose.  January 12 and 13 The next week the...

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