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Author: Meredith Jacobs

“Bones”: The Recurring Serial Killers and Their Impact on the Team

There have been several recurring notable serial killers on “Bones,” such as the Gravedigger, Jacob Broadsky, and Christopher Pelant, that have affected the team, and this season, we’ve been introduced to a new one in the Ghost Killer. Which one has been the worst? The Gravedigger The Gravedigger was one of those killers who personally attacked several members of the team, beginning with burying Brennan and Hodgins alive and later putting Booth’s life in grave danger before she was finally identified and caught. Those three were forced to drop their own charges against her during the big trial, but even then, her reign of terror wasn’t over as she tried to get to Sweets psychologically when he was the one with her when Jacob Broadsky killed her on the way to the courthouse. She may have put several team members’ lives in danger and could have easily been the one responsible for one of their deaths, but she was nowhere near the worst killer they faced. She was, however, the first of the worst, and for that, she will be remembered. Jacob Broadsky Broadsky could’ve easily been the worst of the worst, as he not only served alongside Booth and made his entrance killing the Gravedigger, but also was the one who killed the squintern Vincent Nigel-Murray in what will likely be either the or one of the saddest...

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Judging Series Finales: How Did “Psych,” “How I Met Your Mother,” “Being Human” and OUATIW Do?

Several shows have aired series finales recently, and while some have lived up to expectations, that’s not true for all of them. Read on for my judgments of the last episodes of “Psych,” “How I Met Your Mother,” “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland” and “Being Human.” “Psych” The USA Network show’s finale was one of those final episodes that felt like just that in all the best ways. Shawn struggled with finding a way to tell Gus he was leaving as his best friend was settling into his job away from Psych, and in the end, he chose to tell everyone goodbye via DVD. One of the big questions going into the end of the series regarded what Lassiter would know about Shawn at the end, and his choice not to hear was just one of the parts that made it so good. Shawn and Juliet planned for their future, with the episode ending with the chase to get the ring back, and Psych was still in business – maybe – just in another city. It felt like everyone was moving on, but in a way where you could imagine life continuing for them like it should and with the door left open for something in the future. “How I Met Your Mother” The “HIMYM” finale allowed me to check every item off a list, but it was...

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“How I Met Your Mother”: Is The Mother Dead?

#HIMYMFarewell — Emre Badur (@tekgozlucanavar) March 12, 2014 A popular theory for “How I Met Your Mother” is that the mother has died or is dying, and the more I see in the glimpses of Ted and the mother together, the more I believe that’s true – and there is compelling evidence in two episodes. Season 8’s “The Time Travelers” Future Ted explains to his children that if he could have relived a night, he would have chosen to run to his wife’s previous apartment and tell her, “Exactly 45 days from now, you and I are going...

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“Bones” Returns to Mondays: Celebrate With 5 of the Best Episodes of Season 9 So Far

“Bones” is moving back to Monday nights when new episodes resume March 10, and what better way to celebrate that (and the pickup for season 10) than with a list of the best episodes so far in season 9? “The Secrets in the Proposal” Despite the painful place Booth and Brennan were in in their relationship, due to Pelant’s threat at the end of last season, and despite a case that didn’t hold my attention because of everything else going on, this was a good start for the season. It introduced two new characters I immediately wanted to see more of – Aldo (Mather Zickel) and Danny (Freddie Prinze Jr.) – and Pelant’s presence was still very much around in a powerful, albeit invisible, way. “The Sense in the Sacrifice” Considering the damage Pelant had done in his reign of terror – and he made it very personal – it had to be something big that ended it, and it was. This episode showed what the team can accomplish working together (they really are that group of people who can kill you and leave no evidence behind), kept you on the edge of you seat, answered that pesky question about Flynn, teased the introduction of a new serial killer, and ended the only way it could: with a proposal. “The Woman in White” It was an event nine seasons...

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The Olympics Are Taking Over NBC; What Other Shows Will Be Airing New Episodes?

While some shows are taking breaks during the next couple of weeks because of the Olympics, others will still be airing new episodes. If you’re not interested in the Olympics, or would like to have something else to watch while you take a break from the winter events, here’s a list of what will be new, broken down by network. The CW A new episode of “Hart of Dixie” airs on February 10 before the new series “Star-Crossed” premieres in its time slot on February 17. That premiere will be repeated February 18, and it’s worth watching it at least one of those two days. Also, there are new episodes of “Beauty and the Beast” airing February 10 and 17. CBS There will be new episodes of “Intelligence” on February 10 and 17 and “Criminal Minds” and “CSI” on February 19. FOX This is the network to watch for the most new programming, with new episodes of “Enlisted” and “Raising Hope” on February 7; “Almost Human” and “The Following” on February 10 and 17; “Dads,” “New Girl,” and “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” on February 11; “American Idol” on February 12, 13, 18, 19, and 20; and “Rake” on February 13 and 20. ABC There are new episodes of “Super Fun Night” on February 12 and 19 and “Castle” on February 17. Syfy You can still check out new episodes of “Bitten,”...

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