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Author: Meredith Jacobs

“Bones” Has Been Renewed for Season 10: 6 Reasons to Keep Watching

Good news, “Bones” fans. The show has not only been renewed for its 10th season (2014 – 2015) which will feature its 200th episode, but “Bones” is also returning to Mondays after airing Fridays the past few weeks, beginning March 10. “Over the course of nine seasons, “Bones” has grown from a hit crime procedural into a beloved pillar of our lineup that resonates with fans in a way that only the best of shows can,” Kevin Reilly, Chairman of Entertainment, FOX Broadcasting Company said in a statement. “Our viewers have embraced Emily, David and the entire cast and characters of “Bones” as their very own, and I think they are going to love what Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan have planned for Season 10!” Yes, even after nine seasons, there are still stories to tell and still reasons why you should still be watching the show, and here are just a few of them: 1. The show has been better ever since Booth and Brennan got together. As much fun as it was to watch the “will they/won’t they” aspect of their relationship, it was a relief when “The Change in the Game” happened. Brennan revealed she was pregnant, and season seven began with them together months later, preparing to welcome a baby. Marriage hasn’t changed the heart of their relationship, and that is an essential part of the...

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“NCIS: Los Angeles” Season 5: Why the First Half Was So Good and a Look Ahead

NCIS: Los Angeles may be off to its best start yet with the first half of season five, and that’s because of how the show has handled the aftermath of the end of last season and “going there” with Kensi and Deeks, all while maintaining what has made it so good since the beginning. If it continues like this, there’s no reason it shouldn’t be the best season yet. What Made the First Half of NCIS: LA So Good More Callen and Sam Banter: One of the best parts about the series has always been Sam and Callen’s partnership and the banter that stems from their differences – family and living situations, food choices, etc. – and what makes them such a good team. The nature of “Merry Evasion” allowed for that banter to take center stage, and more instances like that could only be a good thing. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it, and this is a prime example of that. The Aftermath of The Torture: Last season could not have ended on a more cruel or painful note, as Sam and Deeks were being tortured for information about “Quinn,” and instead of just pushing the “after” aside with a handy time jump, we got to see what came next. We saw their (eventual) rescue, their time in the hospital, and Deeks’ struggle with returning to work, and it set...

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Will They/Won’t They TV Couples: Which Ones Have Been Successful in Taking That Next Step?

There are many “will they/won’t they” TV show couples taking that next step, and in some cases, it has been very successful. Some shows have never been better since eliminating that push-and-pull from the plot. In other cases, maybe they would have been better off not taking that next step. The way a show handles one of these relationships usually means the early stages of such a romance aren’t filled with getting to know one another because, in some cases, that relationship was developed in a way that these two characters know each other better than anyone else. There isn’t any first date chatter to sit through, and likely, they already know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. So usually, it seems like the only way to move forward for such a couple is to jump right into a serious relationship. These characters can be partners at work or roommates in a loft (as are the ones I address below), so their lives are already entwined in such a way that a split won’t be easy and would affect those around them. Winners Bones: First comes love, then comes…an obstacle or two (or three or…), then comes a baby, then comes a serial killer plotting against them, and then comes marriage. That’s Booth and Brennan’s relationship in a nutshell, as the two finally slept together in the midst of tragedy,...

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‘Supernatural’: Why Did Crowley Inject Himself With Blood?

The world in Supernatural has changed in season 9. Angels have fallen, Zeke is possessing Sam to heal him (or so he says), Castiel is human, and no one’s quite sure what’s going on with Crowley, but he’s not just chained up in the bunker’s dungeon to deliver the best lines of each episode. Sam and Dean have been turning to him for his knowledge at times, but it was in “Heaven Can’t Wait” that another question was raised about the King of Hell when Sam saw him injecting himself with a syringe of blood. Why? Then In last season’s finale, “Sacrifice,” Sam and Dean captured Crowley to complete the third trial to close the gates of hell by curing him. In order to do so, Sam had to inject him with his blood, and while he stopped before the trial was completed, viewers and Sam saw a change in Crowley in that church. How could you forget that HBO monologue that ended with “I deserve to be loved! I just want to be loved” and his question to Sam, “Where do I start to even look for forgiveness?” (which was helpfully included in the “Then” of “Heaven Can’t Wait”)? One of the big questions going into this season was what not finishing the trial would mean for Crowley, and I think episode 906 was the starting point for...

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Why Bringing in Emily Wickersham as Bishop Now on ‘NCIS’ Is the Right Move

The beginning of this season of NCIS hasn’t been an easy one, especially for longtime fans as they had to say goodbye to Cote de Pablo’s Ziva and prepare to meet her full-time replacement in Emily Wickersham’s Bishop, beginning with episode 11×09 “Gut Check.” Is now the right time to bring her in? How will she fit with the team? Down a team member Before the season even began, fans knew that Ziva would be leaving in the second episode, and one of the big questions regarded her and Tony’s relationship (or “Tiva” as they came to be called), and knowing she was going to be replaced, even though “Tiva” fans did get their moments in Ziva’s farewell episode, was something that some people weren’t sure they were ready for just yet. Much like Bones has done with a rotation of squinterns, NCIS has had a revolving door of replacements since Ziva left, and it worked. Sure, the show is a bit different without Ziva around, but remember, the show was good before Kate was killed and she joined the team, and it is still good without. (Plus, fans can take comfort in the fact that Ziva was not killed off, so she can always return.) Gibbs, Tony, McGee, Abby, Ducky, Palmer, and Vance are still around after all, and that means you can still enjoy Gibbs head-slapping Tony,...

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