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Howard Gordon and Robert Cochran Talk About the Success of “24”

“24: Live Another Day” has captivated fans since FOX announced it would be bringing back the series in a new event to restart the ticking clock on the groundbreaking and Emmy Award winning drama. The show brings together a group that reunites executive producer Howard Gordon and co-creator Robert Cochran. Together, the two said they have not only retained the quality of the original, but have also surpassed the real-time, pulse-pounding, fast-paced world of “24.” Gordon said due to them wanting to keep real-time and with limited shows, they will have to do a time jump somewhere because they...

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“The Walking Dead Escape” Brings Zombies and Obstacles to San Diego Comic Con

If you are a Walking Dead fan, then visiting “The Walking Dead Escape” is going to be a must have on your list of comic con events.  The one-of-a-kind immersive zombie obstacle course has been traveling throughout the world and will make itself available to attendees of the convention on July 25 and 26. The course, which has already seen over tens of thousands of participants allows fans to choose between being a spectator, a walker, or a survivor as they make their way through the course climbing, crawling, and sliding zombie-infected evacuation zones set up to surprise fans and get them off guard. All participants are monitored during the event so for the ones that make it to the decontamination zone will have their “level of infection assessed” and then have the chance to participate in the Fan Experience. It’s a great event for die-hard fans of the show because if they chose to be a walker they will be transformed by professional makeup artists and will receive zombie training before entering the course. The course is not a race; it’s more of a hunt to get to the end without being caught by too many zombies along the way. The escape first debuted in 2012 and has expanded to add three additional events in major cities over the years, including New York. Due to the popularity of...

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Chyler Leigh and Gary Scott Thompson Share New “Taxi Brooklyn” Character Insights

“Taxi Brooklyn” is an action packed comedy that combines humor with police themes. The series stars Chyler Leigh and Jacky Ido and was developed by Gary Scott Thompson. “Taxi Brooklyn” is loosely based off of the film “Taxi,” originally written by Luc Besson. According to NBC, Leigh stars as hard-as-nails Det. Caitlyn “Cat” Sullivan, a woman hell-bent on finding her father’s killer. After she’s demoted to foot patrol for reckless driving, disobeying orders and personality conflicts, Cat meets taxi driver Leo Romba (Ido). A highly skilled driver, Leo is a charming French African from Marseille. Realizing Leo lied on his immigration forms, Cat offers him a deal: In exchange for his driving skills and taxi, she will help Leo with his immigration problem. In order to stay out of prison and avoid deportation, The two decide to work together solving crimes and trying to keep themselves from getting in trouble. Leigh said one of the hardest things working on the show was making sure that she got through her scenes without breaking. “Biggest challenge was to stop laughing all the time,” Leigh said. “I think we had such a good time that it was a little challenging for the directors to reign us back in and then take everything we were doing seriously.” Although she struggled she said it was worth it because her character is an amazing person....

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Laverne Cox Lands an Emmy Nomination and Chats With Us About “Orange is the New Black”

Laverne Cox is more than just an overnight success on Netflix’s “Orange Is the New Black”; she is a reality star, producer, and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) advocate. GLAAD honored Cox with its prestigious Stephen F. Kolzak Award for her work as an advocate for the transgender community and she was the first openly known transgender person to appear on the cover of “Time Magazine.” Now if that is not enough, Cox joined “TakePartLive” as a co-host to discuss her role on “Orange is The New Black” and how her character Sophia Burset’s struggles were once her own. “Orange is The New Black” is an original Netflix program based on Piper Kerman’s memoir about her experiences in prison. The show was first released in July 2013 and instantly became a huge success. Cox’s character goes through the emotions of what it’s like to be transitioning from a man into a woman. In a press release from Takepart, Cox said, “On Orange, our writers are so brilliant and I think they do a really good job of making Sophia just one of the girls. She has specific issues that relate to her being trans but she deals with the same things that everyone else deals with; she’s incarcerated, she has a family on the outside, she’s negotiating, does she have a relationship with the family, that’s not a trans issue...

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Greg Poehler Talks About Approaching Comedy Differently with “Welcome to Sweden”

NBC announced it’s taking a risk with a new show called, “Welcome to Sweden.” The network said it is going to be a different take on the comedy genre. Gary Mednick, from NBC Publicity, said this show is going to blow audiences away. According to Mednick, the show is a comedy, shot in Stockholm, that tells the story of Bruce and Emma. “Emma decides to move back to her native Sweden to accept a prestigious job and Bruce joins her to begin a new life together,” Mednick said. “But with no jobs, friends or real clue as to what he’s getting himself into, Bruce must deal with the many unique challenges and culture clashes that living in a foreign land presents.” Emma (Josephine Bornebusch) and Bruce (Greg Poehler) both said bringing these two characters on screen was a little difficult. Poehler said that, for him, it wasn’t as challenging because the character was written based off himself (Poehler is also a co-creator of the show). “I tried to make it as non-challenging as possible since it was my first time acting,” Poehler said. Meanwhile, Bornebusch said for her it took a little more work. She said she continued to tweak her character in the writers’ room, working on her until she felt comfortable playing her in a way that was natural. “It’s harder than you think to act, you...

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