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James Purefoy The Following: “He takes a crochet hook into the belly of Ryan Hardy”

At NYCC, James Purefoy, The Following, said his character Joe Carroll will be trying to find his way after almost being killed last season in a fire. In an exclusive interview, Purefoy said there is a lot more to Carroll then we might think. Q: What’s going on with Carroll this season? Purefoy: He takes a hard look at what he once was and what does he want to be, what does he want to do, what does he want to become and he has become something kind of extraordinary by the end of the season.  Q: Will his...

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Adam Horowitz & Edward Kitsis Talk New Seasons of OUAT and OUATIW

At NYCC, Once Upon A Time Creators, Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis sat down to discuss how they are balancing writing for two shows airing on ABC at the same time and what it is like interacting with fans. Q: How are you guys balancing working on two shows at the same time (i.e. Once Upon A Time and Once Upon A Time in Wonderland)? Kitsis: It’s a challenge but it is one we are so grateful to have. The way we approach the challenge is that we have an amazing group of writers on both shows that will do so much of the heavy lifting and that is so invaluable.  Horowitz: As Adam said, we get all the credit, but we really have a great team. The show is a collaboration. It’s a collaboration everywhere between our actors and costumes. Kitsis: At the end of the day, what you want is — you have ideas and other people get inspired by that so that you all start working towards this one thing. For us, its a dream because we get to spend our mornings in Wonderland and our afternoons in Neverland. We get to go home at midnight and say I can’t believe this is our job. Q: Can you explain how Wonderland came about? Horowitz: It was a combination of factors. The first season of Once we did...

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“The Walking Dead” Cast Answers Our Questions at NYCC

The Walking Dead cast attended NYCC this year and spoke to thousands about where the show is going this season. The cast included: Andrew Lincoln, Steven Yeun, Norman Reedus, Lauren Cohen, Danai Gurira, and Chad L. Coleman. Executive producers Robert Kirkman, Greg Nicotero, and Scott Gimple were also in attendance.  Q: Why should fans be invested this season? Yeun: Before we start with the questions like this, this is amazing. [He said pointing to the crowd]. All of you guys, thank you so much for coming out this is so amazing. There is so much electricity, I just can’t wait. Q: Danai Morrissey, what was it like coming on to an established show and playing Michonne who barely spoke in the beginning? Gurira: The intensity — like the emotional stuff I felt inside. There was so much going on in her and there were so many ways she was guarded and defensive, but there were so many reasons for her that there was kind of trama. She was always on edge and always ready to do what she had to do. So that was a lot to look into. Q: Lauren, if Maggie had to choose between Glenn and Hershel who would she choose? Cohen: I can’t do that. Like if I am drowning in the ocean and there is a lifeboat with two seats and one of them...

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Jennifer Morrison Talks OUAT, Says “[Pan] Gets What He Wants”

Jennifer Morrison, is an American actress, best known for her role as Emma Swan on ABC’s hit show, Once Upon a Time. This past weekend, Morrison attended New York Comic Con and gave fans a little insight into where the cast is going this season. Q: How does Neverland change the shows dynamic this season? Morrison: It takes all of our guards down. We are in a land where you sort of revisit what you were as a child and you can’t escape that. We all have damage from our lives and we know about the damage Emma has gone through with the foster homes and all of that…so we know that there is damage in everyone’s past. Now that we are in a land where our guard is not up as much and we can’t really fight off those emotionally experiences, it’s going to be more emotional and it’s going to be more volatile. Everything gets pushed to the limits a little bit more because of that and it definitely heightens the stakes. Also, her child’s life is in jeopardy and all of us are trying to get to him and save him. It’s a real threat so the stakes are very high. Q: Your character has gone on this journey of acceptance for the past couple of seasons. What is it like that she is now coming...

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Kevin Bacon Talks “The Following” Season 2 and His Obsession with Joe Carroll

At New York Comic Con, Kevin Bacon of  The Following, said his character, Ryan Hardy, will be much healthier this season than last, but admitted his Joe Carroll obsession will remain. Kevin Bacon of The Following interview below. Q: So Ryan is living a much more healthier life this season? Bacon: Yeah I got a nice little apartment. It’s on 82nd and Broadway and I am teaching at a criminal college and I am teaching criminology and forensics. It’s an interesting choice. At first I wasn’t sure about that choice but then I thought about the fact that I do have this obsession about Joe Caroll and one of the things I always admired about him was his — there were seasons last year where I was sitting there watching him teaching saying wow that guy is good. So now I am attempting that myself. I stopped drinking, going to meetings. My heart is in better shape, running and working out. Q: Do you think with all of these changes that you are more stable enough to teach a class and have a life change? Bacon: Yeah. I mean that’s the idea. Ryan Hardy is a character where his life has been surrounded by death and he has an extremely dark side and has a lot of stuff going on that may not be on the surface and that is...

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