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Tim Pocock Talks About How He Landed His ‘X-Men’ Role and Whats Next for Him

Tim Pocock is an Australian actor best known for his role as Scott Summers (the teenage version) in X-Men Origins: Wolverine and as Ethan Karamakov in the ABC television hit, Dance Academy. Pocock recently starred in NBC’s Camp. Pocock sat down in an exclusive interview to discuss his career and what it was like working on Camp, which only lasted 10 episodes. Q: How did you get involved with X-Men? That is like a role of a lifetime. Pocock: Yeah that all kind of happened last minute. I was working a part-time job at a Cinema and I was running late for a shift and my agent called me and told me there was this audition and that I should go for it. The audition was the next day. I like printed off a bunch of stuff about the character to learn everything I could about him and then off I went to the audition and somehow managed to get it [laughs]. A couple of days later i got the call saying I got the role. Q: Wow that is crazy, that was like one of your first jobs right? Pocock: Yeah, I did a lot of musical theater and Opera for about five years, but that was my first role on camera. Q: So what was that experience like being in front of the camera on a real...

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Norman Reedus Talks ‘Walking Dead’ Season 4 and Daryl Dixon’s Growth

In an exclusive interview, Norman Reedus, star of AMC’s The Walking Dead, spoke about how his character Daryl Dixon has evolved from Season 1 to now and what fan’s could expect for season four. Q: From Season 1 to now, Daryl has changed so much. I wanted to ask you about the evolution of your character? Reedus: Oh yeah, he has changed a lot. I think all of the characters are completely different from season one. He was sort of destined to become his brother and I think he grew up sort of ashamed to admit to who he...

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‘Masterchef’ Finale Contestants Natasha Crjnac and Luca Manfe Look Back on The Season

Natasha Crnjac and Luca Manfe, the Masterchef finale contestants, discuss what it was like competing on a cooking show, learning from Gordon Ramsay, and how it feels to make it to the final two. Q: You guys just had a lot of really challenging things this season. So, what was the one ingredient or activity that was the most terrifying for you guys? Crnjac: I would say personally on my end would be the mystery box where we had all of the ingredients from all the foreign nations. It was definitely a hard challenge because I’m pretty sure most of us didn’t know everything that was under the box and it really was a challenge to put our creative balances and put everything on the plate and make it a good dish. Manfe: For me, it was for sure the crab elimination salad. I still have nightmares about that challenge. I never had worked with a live crab before and I didn’t really know how to start, and then, plus I messed it up. Q: So, Natasha and Luca, I’m wondering with regard to the final challenge, was it as difficult as you expected it to be or was it more difficult? Crnjac: I definitely say it was a lot of pressure. It’s very hard. We all equally fought really hard to make it as far as we did...

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‘Sleepy Hollow’ Creators Dish on The Show – “There is Nothing Like it on Television”

In a modern-day twist Fox’s new hit, Sleepy Hollow, updates the classic Washington Irving story to bring a more modern twist. Ichabod Crane “dies” in 1781 during the Revolutionary War right after slicing the head off of an unknown soldier. He rises again in modern day Sleepy Hollow after the Headless Horseman is summoned back to life. What takes place after that is just chaos. Creators and Executive Producers, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci sat down to discuss what’s head this season. Q: Can you just talk about how you came up with the concept and how the whole thing came together? Orci: Sure. Well, a young and very talented man named Phil Iscove, who at the time was an assistant at UTA, came in and said, “You know, I had this idea of doing a modern day Sleepy Hollow and maybe the way to get into modern day is to fuse it with a lot of the ideas in Rip Van Winkle, and you know the idea would be that Ichabod Crane was put to sleep in some way and woke up 250 years after the Revolutionary War,” and we said, “Where do we sign up?” So from that point, we started developing it together over the course of about eight months. When we pitched it to FOX, they jumped on it right away, which was great because...

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Morgan Saylor aka Dana Brody Talks “Homeland” Season 3

[View the story “The Internet Does Not Like Dana Brody – #Homeland” on Storify] Morgan Saylor is best known for her role as Dana Brody on Showtime’s hit, Homeland. Homeland is a series that stars Claire Danes, as CIA agent Carrie Mathison, who falls in love with a married United States Marine Corps Scout Sniper, who was thought to be dead, played by Damien Lewis. Saylor sat down to discuss what fans can expect for season three. Q: How did you get involved originally with Homeland? Saylor: Well, I was living in Atlanta, Georgia and I think I had...

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