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From ‘Hairspray’ to ‘Melissa & Joey’ Marissa Jaret Winokur Dishes on Her Career and Hope For a Spinoff

Marissa Jaret Winokur has had a successful career appearing in everything from the Broadway musicial, Hairspray to Curb Your Enthusiasm, Just Shoot Me!, Dharma & Greg, Dancing with the Stars, and The Talk. Winokur is a girl that seems to be able to do it all. Most recently, Winokur revealed she would be appearing in ABC Family’s hit show, Melissa & Joey. Winokur said she still can’t believe where her career has taken her. Q: You are the girl that is in everything. You are hilarious in everything. You do it all. Winokur: [laughs]. That is what an actress likes to hear. I would like to be in more. If I could be in more, I would be more. People will stop me and say ‘Wait a minute, you are that girl from…’ and I am like if you can’t name one thing I am not going to tell you. [laughs]. Yes, I am in everything. I like that. Q: You have been in some of the biggest movies of all time, Never Been Kissed, Scary Movie. Television shows like Felicity. Winokur: I am old! [laughs]. I have been around. I look like I am fifteen, but I am not. Q: What draws you in to the roles you play because everyone is either hilarious are incredibly in depth and interesting. Winokur: I wish I could say to you...

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Exclusive: Thea Andrews Says “Technology Has Changed TV News Forever”

Thea Andrews is a Canadian journalist and TV personality, known for her contributions to both sports and entertainment news. Andrews said working on various television shows playing a reporter has been fun, but nothing gets her as excited as her news show, OMG! Insider. In this exclusive CableTV interview, Andrews discusses what makes her tick, her television appearances, and gives advice to up-and-coming journalists. Q: How did you get started in journalism? Andrews: I started as an intern and then a production assistant. I became a writer and then a field producer and ended up producing kids TV at Global Network up in Canada. I worked on the programming blog for the kids on Saturday and Sunday mornings. I was not intending to get back in front of the camera at all. I really wanted to focus on producing, but I kept getting in front of the camera and eventually I just gave up on trying to do both. I didn’t take the traditional route, but I don’t know if there is one, really. Q: How is television changing as technology evolves? Andrews: It’s changed everything. It’s completely turned around everything that we do. First of all, our job is 24-7 now. It wasn’t that long ago that everything was focused on that one half hour or 22 minutes that airs at seven o’clock at night. Everything we did...

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Jaclyn Betham Talks About Working With Tyler Perry in ‘The Have and The Have Nots’

Although she has been acting since childhood, Jaclyn Betham, landed the biggest role of her career playing Amanda Cryer in Tyler Perry’s hit series, The Haves and the Have Nots. It debuted on OWN as the highest rated drama to date. The series follows three families lives as they intersect with one another. The show deals with a slew of issues including: social class, economics, social status, and hardship. In an exclusive interview, Betham explained how it felt landed the role and what viewers should expect for the rest of the season. Q: How did you land The Haves and The Have Nots? Betham: I had been in LA for a little bit. I had done a ton of commercials and I was trying to become an actress. I had an audition and a few days later they called me from Atlanta and told me they wanted to bring me out for a call back with the producers and Tyler Perry. I fly out there and two days later I found out I booked it. [laughs]. Yeah it was really quick and it was awesome. Q: Was there anything specific in the script that you drew you into playing Amanda? Betham:I am a very outgoing and happy girl and I feel like Amanda was very introverted and sad and has a whole lot of depth to her. She is...

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David Anders Reveals Return To “Once Upon A Time” In This Exclusive Interview

If you have watched any major televison show in the past decade, odds are you know who David Anders is. Anders is an American actor best known for his roles as Julian Stark on Alias and as Adam Monroe on Heroes. Most recently, Anders has done work as Dr. Frankenstein/Dr.Whale on Once Upon a Time and as John Gilbert on The Vampire Diaries. Anders sat down to discuss his possible return on Once and his latest project, an appearance on Criminal Minds. Q: You have done so many television shows, how did you originally get started in acting? Anders: I did acting camps when I was younger and I always enjoyed it, but I was always preoccupied with sports. Then I stopped getting better at the game of basketball and I don’t like doing things that I am not good at. So, I quit basketball my sophmore year of highschool and I did a play and I was bitten by the perverbal acting bug. Q: Is there something specific about the television platform that you like? Anders: There are the ones that give me jobs [laughs]. I am not television specific, of course I would love to do movies but they just haven’t come calling like I would like so far. But, I am 32 and I have been steadily working since I was 21. Q: You have done...

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Darri Ingolfsson Talks Final Season Shockers on Dexter

Iceland-born actor, Darri Ingolfsson, has been making a name for himself in Hollywood since 2005. Ingolfsson has appeared in Flags of Our Fathers, Messenger, Last Resort, and most recently Showtime’s Dexter. Ingolfsson sat down with CableTV to discuss his career and what fans can expect for the final season of Dexter. Q: How did you first get involved in acting? Ingolfsson: Its always been there in the background ever since I was a kid, but I guess the first official step happed when I joined the school play at 16. That pretty much started a sequence of events that ended in me going London to attend drama school at the age of 20. Q: You did a lot of television spots and shorts before landing a recurring role on Canvassing!, can you tell me a little bit about that show and your character, Marcos? Ingolfsson: Well… Canvassing was just a little webisode project that I got very soon after moving to LA. Marcos was a strange fellow that didn’t say much but when he did it was usually quite inappropriate. It was fun shooting it. Some good people involved and it got me my SAG card which was an important step in my LA journey. Q: What was it like experiencing an on-set experience where you got to explore a character for a longer period of time? Ingolfsson: It...

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