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Undateable Tackles Adulthood and Provides Tons of Laughs Along The Way

Chris D’Elia and Bill Lawrence discussed their new NBC hit, “Undateable.” D’Elia plays Danny Beeman, a 30-ish go-with-the-flow single guy who has watched most of his friends move on to serious relationships. He is the last single one after his friend, Shannon, moves out of his apartment to get married. The show centers around D’Elia and his cast of character friends: the nerdy Burski, oddball Shelly, and recently out-of-the-closet gay guy Brett, who all have certain qualities that make them appear “undateable.” Lawrence said one of the most important roles on the show is that of Brett (David Flynn). Lawrence said due to Flynn already being openly gay and having a family and kids, he brought a lot more to his character than the typical cliches you might see now on television. “We all hit him up for stories about when he was first coming out and how awkward it was to deal with his buddies,” Lawrence said. “And kind of how awkward and weird it felt for him to be part of a gang of friends when in his head everything had changed and in their heads, things hadn’tchanged. It was just kind of a funny story generator for us.” D’Elia agreed, saying he loved the idea of having a authentic gay character because it shows how indifferent his character feels saying that Danny doesn’t care what sex...

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“King of the Nerds” Gets Renewed For a Third Season

TBS announced that its “King of the Nerds” will crown a third king as the network has ordered an additional eight episodes of the show slated to air in the beginning of next year. The show, which premiered in 2012, has competitiors face challenges that test everything from their intellect to their popculture knowledge. All of the contestants live together in one house as they compete to be the last “nerd” standing to win a prize of $100,000. Although called the “King of the Nerds” the first two seasons saw female winners, so this year might be the lucky one for the men. Hosts Robert Carradine and Curtis Armstrong, who are also executive producers of the show, will remain on to supervise the competitors as they put their minds to the test to win the ultimate prize and be crowned king. TBS reported the show has done rather well, averaging 1.5 million viewers and more than 1 million adults between 18 and 49 during it’s second season. In a press release, Michael Wright, president and head of programming for TBS, TNT, and Turner Classic Movies, said “‘King of the Nerds demonstrates the power of nerd culture by drawing not only a fervent fan base but also the youngest audience of any current TBS original [program]. We look forward to building on that success as more viewers discover this terrifc...

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Ramon Rodriguez: “It’s not black and white; the characters have a lot going on”

Ramon Rodriguez was cast in a new FOX drama series called “Gang Related,” which follows members of the elite Los Angeles Police Department’s (LAPD) multi-agency gang task force as they take on the city’s most dangerous gang members. Within the first episode, the audience learns that one of the main characters, Ryan Lopez (Rodriguez) is not who he seems. Rodriguez said his character is very complex and layered, causing him to do a lot of preparation for the role including working directly with the LAPD. “I had about six weeks where I got to spend time with the LAPD, which was very helpful, doing ride-alongs, surveillance, weapons training, and then also they would also introduce me to former and active gang members in different neighborhoods in South Central, Watts, and the Newton division,” Rodriguez said. Rodriguez continuing working between splitting his time between the LAPD and then active gang members to get a real sense of what happens on the streets and what the gang life is like. He said he wanted to “get their perspective” on what it was like growing up in a gang, going to prison, and how the gangs are organized. After completing his research he knew how he wanted his character Ryan to come off on the show. “I just approached him as a good guy, and we had a very kind of clear...

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Michelle Fairley Talks “24: Live Another Day” and Her Character Margo’s Ambitions

Michelle Fairley is a Northern Irish actress, best known for her role as Catelyn Stark in the HBO series “Game of Thrones.” However, Fairley has been in the acting business for a long time appearing in numerous television shows and movies including “Suits,” “Hidden City,” and “Philomena.” Now you can catch her as Margot Al-Harazi in FOX’s resurrection of “24,” in a mini-series called “24: Live Another Day.” Fairley plays an intense and violent character, which can sometimes be difficult for an actor to play. “Actually, those sorts of characters that are interesting in terms of connecting with a character who is extreme,” Fairley said. “You’ve just got to trust – just throw yourself in there. Trust, do as much research on passion as possible — passionate causes, people, like freedom fighters, whatever.” “Also, the thing with Margot is she is not asking anybody to do anything that she herself has not done in the past,” Fairley said. “She knows what it takes to do these things. That’s why she is very conscientious and she’s very watchful of the people around her because she’s been in that position herself and she knows the doubts that will creep into somebody’s mind because they probably crept into hers, so she had to fight against those doubts in order to achieve her goal.” Fairley has been lucky in the fact that as...

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Charlotte Sullivan Talks “Rookie Blue” Season 5 and Possible Show Renewal

With the “Rookie Blue” premiere on ABC less than a month away, Charlotte Sullivan sat down with CableTV to discuss how her character has evolved, where season five is going, and about a possible show renewal. Q: It’s nice to have a full season with 22 episodes verses the 13 we normally get. Sullivan: Yeah it’s a lot. I think we are on episode eight right now, so it’s flying by, but we still have a lot to go. We have had a year off since we shot the season four finale and season five picks up I think like five hours later so we all might look a little different but we can’t help it. But people will know in the first episode she has gained weight, she has lost weight. But it was supposed to be like a couple of hours. Q: Lets discuss the season four finale. WTF. I had a heart attack. I think that episode was one of the best of the season. For starters how was it filming that last episode? Sullivan: It was a year ago. I think Missy had the hardest part for that episode because she had, had this relationship that had kind of form with Nick and then she is having to expose herself and when you are in a situation when someone is about to die the truth...

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