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Sleepy Hollow’s Tom Mison: “There’s plenty of [trouble] to come…more unhinged Ichabod.”

In an exclusive interview, Tom Mison who portrays the iconic Ichabod Craine in Fox’s remake of Sleepy Hollow, sat down to discuss what it was like taking on the role and where he sees the rest of the season going. Q: I’ve been really impressed with Ichabod as he is very intelligent and a very proper man, and he balances out really well with Abbie, who’s kind of shown herself to be willing to bend the rules when necessary. Are there any circumstances that we’ll see Ichabod be willing to kind of bend the rules or act out, he yelled at Abbie once, but beyond that he’s really kept very calm… Mison: Yes. I think without giving too much away, when things start to get very personal, when there are revelations that are personal attacks on Crane and his past, that’s when the rules start to fly out of the window, and he starts misbehaving a little bit more. Yes. I’m trying not to spoil it. I’m sorry? Q: Is that fun to play when he kind of gets to act out a bit? Mison: Tom Oh, it’s nice. Every chance to show a different side to Ichabod is great. As a very obvious example, the difference between Ichabod we see in the 18th Century and the modern-day Ichabod. There are different sides to him, and equally the well...

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Kevin Williamson Talks S2 of ‘The Following’ and Staying Creative on TVD

Creator of Dawson’s Creek and The Vampire Diaries, Kevin Williamson, is a well-known screenwriter, actor, producer and director. Kevin Williamson sits down and shares exclusive spoilers about his latest hit series,The Following, which returns in January 2014 for season 2.  Q: Is there anything you can talk about for the upcoming season? Williamson: You know it’s really hard to talk about, because you don’t want to give anything away, because you like the show to unfold and be a surprise as it happens. But it is a year later and Ryan Hardy is in a different place, he’s sort of got his heart together, he’s starting to do some heart management, he’s jogging, he’s taking care of himself; he’s one of the nicest men out there. The heart’s a muscle and you just got to exercise it to get better, and that’s what he’s done — he’s done that physically, mentally, spiritually and he’s in a different place. He’s teaching criminology at an academy, and he’s putting his life together. There’s his niece, Max, and he hasn’t really had a big relationship with her, but there’s only like a few Hardy’s left, because most of them are dead. He’s got a sister down in Boca, and his niece Max, from his oldest brother who died in 9/11, which was set up last year. She’s a cop; well they’re all cops, the Hardy...

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‘The Walking Dead’s’ Frank Darabont Heads to TNT and Everyone Loves Him

Milo Ventimiglia, Ed Burns, and Robert Knepper are starring in TNT’s eagerly anticipated new television series, Mob City. The show, from The Walking Dead’s Frank Darabont, tells the story of Los Angeles in the 1940’s based off real-life accounts of the cops and the gangster’s life. Ventimiglia, Burns, and Knepper held a press conference at NYCC to discuss the new project. Q: What is the show about? Ventimiglia: It’s the war in 1940’s between the cops and the mob. Burns: Frank would explain it a lot better [laughs]. Q: Was it hard for you to shoot? Were you immediately on board? Any hesitation? Ventimiglia: There was no thought I know for me and you all [pointing to Burns and Knepper) openly discussed it. Burns: Frank Darabont. Ventimiglia: It’s Frank. Burns: It’s sort of a no brainer, it’s Frank. Knepper: I remember asking that question in the pilot. I was dying to work with Frank. Every actor who films with Frank said the same thing…when Frank calls you try to work it out — and the fact that he likes you and he wants you there is a really nice feeling. We each have our own specific thing that he saws, that he knows. [Burns] wealth of films and respect in the business, for me it was Prison Break, which I realize is a beautiful rip off of Shaw Shank...

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Kelly Rowland Talks ‘X Factor’ Tells Us How She Really Feels

Kelly Rowland, best known as one of the singers from Destiny’s Child, has moved on to the small screen as the latest judge to join The X Factor. In an exclusive interview, Rowland talks about her experience on the show, what Simone is like in real life, and what fans should look forward to this season. Q: there has been kind of some great news going around with The X Factor judges. So what kind of father do you think Simon is going to be and why? Rowland: I think Simon is going to be a pretty cool dad. I feel like he has guided so many people into their careers, and he has been like a father figure to several groups that he has put together, and I think that it is going to actually be a breeze for him. Q: Were you surprised to hear that Simon would be changing diapers any time soon? Rowland: I think that it’s so crazy. Everybody has what they say or whatever, and I think that above anything, I think life happens. Life happens and this is part of life, and a new life will be here, and it just so happens it’s going to be Simon’s. Q: At the premier, it looked like all of the judges were getting along really well. Can you tell us a little bit about the chemistry with the panel this...

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Matt Bomer and Tim DeKay Talk ‘White Collar’ Season 5 and Their Loyal Relationship

White Collar‘s Matt Bomer and Time Dekay talk about how their characters Neal Caffrey and Peter Burker, respectively, will evolve during the shows 5th season. With all of the twists, turns and excitement we experienced during the hour long premiere last Thursday, it sounds like the show has no intention of slowing down. Catch White Collar on an all new night,  Thursdays at 9:00 p.m. on USA. Q: My first question is about your new handler, specifically Warren Kole, and could you tell us a little bit about how Neal handles this, what’s the chemistry like with you guys, and when are we first going to meet him? Bomer: Neal’s initial reaction to Warren’s character Siegel is one of trepidation because he is very by-the-books, by-the-numbers, and he’s an agent who’s gotten to where he is because he plays by the rules. And that’s – it’s obviously very threatening to Neal. And Warren did a great job of bringing lots of different aspects to the character and somehow making him charming and entertaining at the same time as being sort of a paint-inside-the-lines guy. Q: Tim, could you talk about your relationship and how it will be with this character? Are you friends with him? DeKay: Well, Peter was – he was concerned about this guy even though he brought him on and felt that he would be right...

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