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Author: Patrick

Will Mr. Selfridge Officially Make Masterpiece Theater Cool?

Downton Abbey could have been a fluke. But Mr. Selfridge, the immediate followup, hints at a pattern. Masterpiece Theater is giving us original programming with quick pacing, great costumes, and soap opera romance. I’m not sure who’s watching Mr. Selfridge, but I can’t imagine liking Downton and not liking Selfridge. If anything, it’s even more accessible to an American audience, who knows Jeremy Piven, the show’s star, and the actress that plays his wife looks and acts suspiciously like Cora on Downton. The characters in the lesser classes feel like they’ve been pulled straight out of a Dickens novel—a fun one. As far as fashion, the show is set in the roaring 20’s, with all the incredible costumes that come along with that period. I can’t say enough about the show. And Mr. Selfridge himself acts like a more flamboyant, showy version of Don Draper—the old-school Don, from season 1. He considers himself a family man, but he has a girl on the side. He’s a genius, he’s incredibly kind to a young woman he feels a kinship with, and he even has an alcoholic father. The show is set to a backdrop of the times. The conservative thinking, the cool clothes, and the newness of things we’re so used to now, like department stores. The battle for women’s rights rages, at one point, literally, outside the doors of...

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We’re All Infected: Why Walking Dead Fans Are Ravenous

At first glance,The Walking Dead probably looks unwatchable, dumb, and needlessly gruesome — unless you’re one of the growing number of Walking Dead fans. In the wrong hands, zombie stories can definitely be a tasteless gore-fest. But since its proper birth with George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead, the best films about reanimated corpses who eat brains have explored surprisingly deep and interesting subjects. Zombies have always been popular in the horror subculture, so fans of The Walking Dead that already like bloody messes aren’t surprising. But Dead’s channel, AMC, seems to think that their zombie show shares...

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