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Author: Ryann Rasmussen

Megan Boone of “The Blacklist” Proves All the Haters Wrong by Being Awesome

The web is buzzing with complaints about Megan Boone on NBC’s “The Blacklist,” saying her performance is flat and uninspired. But all their comments leave me wondering what is wrong with the haters and why they’re complaining so much. In a show where crazy things happen every week, she is relatable and helps ground the heightened drama. She plays a rookie FBI profiler in a way that makes us feel like it could be us in her shoes. Except she also kicks a lot of ass. Also, let’s be honest, her character has a lot to deal with. Most recently, she had to kill this guy. Photo by: Will Hart/NBC Megan Boone portrays all of her pain and hurt in a convincing way that keeps us all captivated. Liz represents the moral center of the show. She does what she needs to do, even when she wants to give up. Even when she’s mind-blowingly scared, she is brave. So it’s not Boone’s performance that is lacking; it’s the character’s experience. But throughout the season, we see her learn and grow in her job and, by the end, she becomes a genuinely impressive FBI agent. Haters always love to point out things that don’t matter, like the fact that the actress wears a wig as part of the character. Sounds like quite a stretch to me....

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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – MLB’s 10 Best Beards and Brostaches

It’s not just peanuts and Cracker Jacks – or even grand slams – that brings folks to the ball field these days. In addition to stealing home and pitching no-hitters, today’s Major League players give the fans a lot to look at, especially when it comes to facial hair. Whether it’s a fantastic display of bushy beard or the makings of a magnificent moustache, MLB players seem to be taking their shaving (or lack thereof) habits as seriously as spring training. Here are 10 of the most hilarious, ludicrous and wonderful beards and brostaches you can find in the MLB. 1. Jason Motte, St. Louis Cardinals Even though this catcher turned pitcher has spent some time on the disabled list, his magnificent beardis always in top form and ready for action. Jason Motte is known for being a closer on the mound, and with his own massive mound of man beard, it’s easy to see how his impressive whiskers add to the intimidation factor. But don’t let that thick growth fool you – Motte was selected by teammates to receive the Darryl Kile Good Guy Award last year, despite being stuck on the bench with a bum elbow. 2. Mike Napoli, Boston Red Sox Talk about beards gone wild! This Boston Red Sox catcher doesn’t seem to have a problem letting nature take its course when it comes to...

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Is The CW Network the Reason Teens are Reading Again?

It feels like people will do anything to get teens to read these days. We’ve seen an upsurge in book-based media recently, specifically through the CW network. Stories range from contemporary tales, such as “The Carrie Diaries,” to stories based on fairy tales, like “Beauty and the Beast.” Because these stories have been on the rise, it’s hard to tell if they are being pumped in in a desperate attempt to get teens to read, or if the broadcasting companies — not just the CW — are running out of ideas to the point that they’re willing to take the plots from novels. The answer most likely lies in a medium between the two: because of the rapidly-growing Young Adult novel, CW is simply playing to their interests and giving them what they want to see. This goes for the rise of book-based media as a whole. It All Began With Vampires This craze began with the rise of the vampire romance novel in the late 2000s. Book stores absolutely lined their shelves with them, and the masses clamored for new material. Enter the “Vampire Diaries,” a novel series by LJ Smith. To respond to the fad, the CW created a show based off the stories and marked it directly at teenagers. While the TV show long outlasted the vampire novel mania, the company wouldn’t have suggested it if...

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The #1 Show That Nobody Talks About: ‘NCIS’

The CBS military procedural “NCIS” doesn’t have has many Emmys as “Mad Men” or “Breaking Bad.” But in its 11th season, it continues to beat the competition in one key category. It has more people tuning in to watch. “NCIS” remains the most watched show on Tuesday’s TV lineup, and the number one scripted show on television. After more than 250 episodes and multiple spinoff series, it was just picked up for its 12th season, but it’s lonely at the top. The show has enjoyed what “USA Today” called an “invisible success.” Peruse EW’s TV section or the A.V. Club’s TV Club and you will see many articles about “The Walking Dead,” “Mad Men,” and “Game of Thrones,” but “NCIS” and its spinoffs get barely a passing mention. TV journalists gravitate toward shows that are less traditional and more morally complex. Extra media attention also tends to go to shows that have notable behind-the-scenes controversies, such as NBC’s “Community,” which recently welcomed back the iconoclastic show runner Dan Harmon after he was fired a year earlier. “I have to appreciate at the end of the day that although [‘NCIS’ cast and crew] haven’t gotten that kind of attention, that 20 million people every week are watching,” “NCIS” showrunner Gary Glasberg does told “The Atlantic.” “The fact that I’m getting 20 million viewers in this landscape is kind of crazy.”...

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