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Author: Teresa Reilly

Miley Cyrus Is Getting Her Own Documentary and You Might Just Love It

She was once a poppy teen idol singing duets with her dad and starring in Disney Channel’s Hannah Montana. Now she’s an offbeat artist singing along to a rap song about late night parties with Snoop Dogg. And it’s this progression that MTV thinks will make for riveting television in the channel’s Miley Cyrus documentary premiering this fall. Compared to other young celebrity disasters like Lindsey Lohan and Amanda Bynes, Miley’s fall from grace has been a bit more subdued. Since going off the air as Hannah Montana in January 2011, she managed to stay under the radar until recently, with high-profile relationships, social media shockers, and sexy performances proving she has indeed come a long way. But what will this documentary really show? Here are our hopes for the hour-long behind-the-scenes film. Where’s the Music? The video for her new song “We Can’t Stop” makes it seem like Miley is much more out of control than she really is. Whether it was tongue in cheek or not, someone at MTV saw it and decided it was awesome opportunity to either witness yet another child star meltdown or show how an artist can actually be completely different to how she appears in her videos. The film will reportedly focus on the creation of Miley’s new album, BANGERZ, but we wonder how much studio time we’ll witness. Tweaking knobs and...

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Catfish Season 2 Drama More Real and Relatable Than Ever

Aaron is a lonely, overweight young man who lacks confidence and struggles to make friends. He takes to the Internet and creates a profile on Facebook because he just wants someone to talk to. Except why be himself when he could be a young, beautiful blonde woman named Amanda? He finds a friend, Tyler, and before long the two are deep into a virtual relationship. It sounds like the beginning of a crime drama, but it’s actually real life, and MTV’s Catfish was there last year to reveal all the sordid details as they exposed Aaron. Based on a documentary of the same name, and now into its second season, Catfish: The Series helps bring the couples together, usually after the victim suspects their partner isn’t telling the truth, for a dramatic showdown. Host Nev Schulman (who was duped in the original documentary by a middle-aged woman) is at the center of it all, helping to reveal the truth behind the relationships. In the first season, it wasn’t always a case of “catfish” (the person with the fake identity) and victim. Sometimes the bad guys weren’t all that bad, just lonely, socially awkward or confused. In the case of the victims, you might think to yourself, “I would never let this happen to me,” but when someone seemingly perfect comes along, you can’t blame people for being positive. The...

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